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Dayco Australia All In It Together

All hands on deck at Dayco Australia.

While recent months have seen unprecedented disruption of Australian business across several industries, Dayco’s Australian and New Zealand automotive aftermarket business continues to defy the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company’s Australian and New Zealand sales have increased year on year, which has seen Dayco Australia’s recently extended and modernised distribution centre located in Hallam (Victoria) operate at full capacity, literally requiring all hands on deck.

Dayco Managing Director and Vice President Aftermarket Asia Pacific Arnold Mouw, Sales and Marketing Director David McClurg, Business Development Manager James Barrett, Product Engineering Manager Dom Adrien and Product Application Coordinators Luke Sword and Jorg Kempka have left their offices and joined the warehouse and distribution centre team to ensure that Dayco customer orders are being speedily processed and delivered.

During the past six months, despite the Covid-19 disruptions, Dayco Australia has maintained an impressive 97 per cent plus order fill rate, as its valued team of hard working distributors ensure that busy Australian and New Zealand automotive repairers are promptly serviced.

“Demand for our premium quality replacement engine belt, water pump and timing chain kits, pulleys, high performance harmonic balancers, moulded hoses and thermal management products to our aftermarket customers is at an all-time high,” said Arnold Mouw.

“This is good news for the automotive aftermarket, as Australian automotive repairers are gaining more business as people use these periods of lockdown to repair and maintain their vehicles. The softening in new car sales also supports this increase in repair and maintenance-based services.”

Customer demand of the Dayco range of premium quality automotive aftermarket products required all of the company’s senior management executives to work on the warehouse floor, assisting the hard-working distribution centre team. This has ensured prompt order processing and correct stock holding levels to meet this unprecedented demand.

“It has been a very rewarding experience for the management team, as we have made several integral improvements by being on the floor and taking a much closer look at how to improve our warehousing operations,” Mr. Mouw added.

Dayco’s Australian and New Zealand distributor partners have been integral to this business growth and the company has placed total priority in supporting them by ensuring highly efficient and responsive distribution services, adhering to strict Covid-19 personal distancing and hygiene guidelines.

In line with this growth, Dayco Australia has opportunities for people to join the company, particularly for experienced forklift drivers and warehouse personnel who have found themselves out of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

More information can be obtained by contacting Dayco Australia directly by calling (03) 9796 4044.
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