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Dayco Belt and Chain Solutions

Dayco timing chain and belt kits on top for range and quality.

The vast range of direct-fit Dayco Timing Chain Kits bring the benefits of the company’s world class design and engineering expertise in toothed belt power transmission systemsalong with Dayco’s in-depth knowledge of engine functional requirements.

Automotive repairers and parts re-sellers across New Zealand can offer technicians outstanding quality replacement Dayco Timing Chain Kits to suit a wide range of popular Australian, Asian and European vehicle makes and models.

A system logic was followed in the design and manufacture of the Dayco Timing Chain kit range. This ensured that all of the elements required for replacement – that is the chain, hydraulic tensioner, sprockets and guides – are included with every kit.

The main advantages of the new Dayco Timing Chain Kit range include:
• Synergic design of each entire kit (chain, guides, tensioner, gears and seals)
• High robustness and proven reliability on test benches and in vehicle fleet testing
• High strength precision machined steel tensioners to ensure reduced internal clearances for optimum control and management of the timing chain tension
• High strength plastic guides manufactured with glass fibres for additional strength.
• High strength moulding steel or sintered steel manufactured gears with specific heat treatments applied for the hardening of the toothed area surfaces

Dayco Poly-V engine belts are produced for accessory transmissions of cars, commercial vehicles, heavy duty vehicles and buses. The increase in the number of accessories (air conditioning, power steering pumps, alternators, water pumps, vacuum pumps, etc) and the operating conditions with engine temperatures up to 130°C have made it essential to upgrade both the materials used along with the construction technology.

Dayco Poly-V belts are all made of EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomers) material in compliance with the latest standards required by the automotive industry, guaranteeing resistance, reliability, low noise and long service life.

The main features of Dayco’s Poly-V Belts are:
• Highly flexible for use on small diameter pulleys
• Power transmission also provided by the back of the belts, particularly with the “DPK” (Double Poly-V) variant.
• Resistance to high operating temperatures for longer service life

In line with global automotive demands, Dayco has also developed the latest generation of Poly-V belts for the aftermarket, capable of handling high workloads, while maintaining constant high performance.

Worn or wearing tensioners, pulleys and idlers can cause a new timing belt to fail in a very short time.

Dayco Timing Belt Kits enable repairers to replace the timing belt in conjunction with the tensioner, idler pulley and oil seals, restoring the optimum operating conditions for the timing drive system.

To find out more visit, contact your Dayco Distributor or speak with an expert from Dayco by calling (03) 9796 4044.

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