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Dayco Harmonic Balancer Removal Tool HBTK002

The removal and replacement of harmonic balancers on such vehicles as the VZ Holden Commodore and the BA Ford Falcon has often seen technicians use the incorrect removal tool as these harmonic balancers don’t have threaded bolt holes to allow for a more conventional balancer removal tool to be used.

Usually, a three-legged puller is clamped around the edges of the balancer, often damaging the balancer or failing to remove it at all, as it can be hard to get a firm grip on the edges of the balancer.

The HBTK002 Harmonic Balancer Removal Tool from Dayco is a kit designed to correctly remove the harmonic balancers from a range of Holden Commodores and Ford Falcons or any other balancer that doesn’t have threaded bolt holes.

The 16-piece kit comes in a blow moulded carry case and is well laid out. Unlike other poor-quality pullers, this tool is sturdy and built to last. The center of the removal tool, where the legs attach, has a set of concentric circle markings on all the puller arms so that when the legs are fitted to the balancer it is easy to see if they are all equal. During the tool test, I found this really assists in aligning the tool with the center of the crankshaft to avoid damaging the crankshaft or the balancer. The tool is quite simple to set up and the addition of an O-ring on the end of the threaded bolt holds the end piece on securely, so it doesn’t slip off when you are setting up the tool. As with other Dayco products the HBTK002 is supplied with easy to follow instructions and a list of which removal legs suit which vehicle, so that the tool is set up correctly.

The HBTK002 Harmonic Balancer Removal Tool from Dayco is another good example of the right tool for the job.

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