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The thermostat’s role in engine management is vital. A thermostat that has failed in the open position can cause car heaters not to work for an extended period of time during the winter months. If it fails in the closed position it will surely cause engine overheating which can lead to costly repairs or at worst, complete engine failure. Dayco thermostats are designed to OEM specifications and are manufactured with a heat sensing wax filled copper power pill that detects the coolant temperature in the engine. The Dayco heat sensing power pill controls coolant flow from the radiator when the engine is cold to reach optimum operating temperature quickly. It then allows coolant to circulate throughout the engine when the operating temperature is reached to create the perfect temperature controlled engine environment.


Dayco Coolant Expansion Tanks are manufactured to exacting OE specifications. These tanks are used to recover the coolant that escapes the cooling system past the pressure cap due to rising pressure and temperature. In a properly operating cooling system, the coolant will then be siphoned back into the radiator as the temperature drops. Tanks will often become discoloured, brittle, contaminated with sludge or they may even break requiring immediate replacement for the cooling system to continue effective operation.


The purpose of the Heater Control Valve is to regulate the flow of coolant to the heater core. In the off position the heater valve blocks coolant flow to the heater core when no heating is required. When heating is required the reverse takes place. The heater valve can be activated by vacuum control in late model vehicles and by cable in earlier models. Common failures include leakage, blocking and because most late model valves are made of polymer, cracking when removing heater hoses is also very common. Dayco has released a vast, premium quality aftermarket range of heater tap control valves to cover local and imported makes and models.


Dayco Fan Clutches are made from die-cast aluminium and have a machined body that helps to provide for a tight fit within close tolerances, while producing precision performance. Deep fins increase the surface area for improved heat dissipation, while exclusive drive spines are knurled and burnished. The shaft surface resists slippage caused by heavy torque loads and assures longer bearing life.

Premium quality bearings fitted to all Dayco fan clutches ensure longer life and quieter, smoother running. A special silicone fluid inhibits heat build-up to prolong service life. A bi-metal thermostatic spring adjusts the fan speed in response to operating temperature requirements, thereby reducing fuel consumption.
To find out more about Dayco’s vast range of engine cooling and related thermal management products, contact your Dayco distributor or visit www.dayco.com.au.

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