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DBA 4X4 And Towing

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In the worlds of 4WDs and towing it’s no secret that the added weight and load of hauling a van or similar sized load can put your brakes under significantly increased load.

Which is why DBA has spent considerable time and effort into their newly released Performance Brake pads, especially aimed towards the Light Commercial, 4WD and high GMV upgrade environments.

Exceeding customer’s expectations has been an area DBA has consistently set out to achieve in all areas of their products and that same motivation has driven this new range of brake pads that offers matched performance to their T2 and T3 slotted brake rotors. In this issue, DBA reminds us about the extra weight of items like bullbars, side protection bars and spare off road wheel and the effects that this load has on braking when everything is added up on a fully loaded 4WD and caravan.

Replacing wheel bearing on trailers, truck and bus axles is a job that a lot of people like to put off. Many a Sunday has disappeared to rusted old bearings on boat trailers proving almost impossible to remove. The team at Schaeffler have produced the FAG SmartSet, a complete package of pre-lubricated, pre-assembled and pre-positioned wheel bearing kits. The kit provides an easy to install solution, with a longer service life and reduction in operating cost.

Keeping your accessories fully charged when off the power grid is paramount to successful off-road camping and 4WDing. REDARC has just launched the new and third variant of its award-winning Smart-Start dual input range with the new bigger and more powerful in-vehicle battery charger: the BCDC1250D.

A 50-amp charging output makes it the most powerful in REDARC’s BCDC range. Designed to charge all major lead-acid batteries, it also can charge Lithium (LiFeP04) with a dedicated profile. With the ability to charge from both solar inputs and the alternator simultaneously this unit will prove to be a real head turner. Built for harsh Australian conditions this product is well worth an in-depth look along with our other products from Schaeffler and DBA over the following pages.

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