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DBA 5000 Series Disc Brakes

DBA 5000 Series Brake Rotors – Australia’s stopping power.

Disc Brakes Australia’s in-house R&D team early on identified the demand for a direct replacement rotor that exceeded the performance of a traditional one-piece rotor, while not resulting in a $10,000-$20,000 upgrade such as costly carbon ceramic rotors.

DBA’s R&D team found the perfect balance in their flagship 5000 Series two-piece brake rotors, which are individually hand assembled in their Sydney manufacturing facility. The 5000 Series has now become a mainstay for performance on and off-road vehicles.

Sharing all the benefits of their popular one-piece 4000 Series rotors, the 5000 Series match high carbon cast-iron rings with aerospace grade aluminum hats (T6061-T6), coupled together with National Aerospace Standards (NAS) bolts and crimp nuts. The aluminum hats reduce the unsprung weight of the brake rotors while allowing for uniform radial disc expansion through the cast-iron rings and reduced heat transfer from disc to the hub via the hats.

These direct replacement rotors are available as complete assemblies or as replacement parts separately (hats or rings). This allows drivers that own 5000 Series rotors to replace only the cast-iron rings when they wear out, whilst still keeping their previously used aluminum hats. This is not only cost effective for those that are hard on brakes, but it allows for easy replacement in the future.

The 5000 Series rotors come in four different variants:


A smooth OE style finish, popular for drivers looking for the benefits of the 5000 Series but without the slotted, cross-drilled or dimpled design.


Non-directional cross drilled and dimpled design providing additional cooling benefits and enhanced structural support over transitional cross drilled techniques.


DBA’s patented bi-directional slot design increases the number of exit points for brake pad friction dust and gases to escape through the rotor over the T2 slot, further increasing its consistency and effectiveness under heavy loads.


The latest performance offering from DBA, providing a weight reduction benefit over traditional circular rotors with the cooling benefits of the XD series.

Traditionally a go-to option for high-performance street vehicles, track day and club race/rally applications, the 5000 Series has expanded generously to cover the European, Asian and American performance car market as well as the 4×4 and premium SUVs. Specifically, within the 4×4 market, the 5000 Series is the perfect addition for drivers that have added accessories to their vehicle and significantly increased the GVM as a result. Coupled with their newly released high-performance brake pad range and brake fluid, there is now a direct-replacement option for all braking consumables under the DBA banner.

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