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DBA New Brake Pad Range

Trade goes wild for DBA Brake Pads.

Having only launched just a month ago, the DBA Performance brake pad range has been met with great acclaim. With nearly 150 part numbers and more to come, available in the Street Performance and Xtreme Performance range, customers and car enthusiasts of 4WDs and performance cars are well catered for. The brake pads can be ordered from most national and local respected re sellers and stockiest. Customers of different vehicle applications were already impressed by our performance rotor range. Now, with their matching DBA Performance brake pads, customers can be reassured that DBA can offer incomparable braking power and endurance than ever before.

Off-road and 4WD enthusiasts can travel on steep grades and load heavier upgrades with no worries when using our rotors and matching pads. With a range of rotor options and matching brake pad upgrades, DBA is confident that your next adventure will be safe and fun filled. They have applications for a variety of vehicles including Toyota LandCruisers, Nissan Patrol and Jeeps.

Performance vehicles are also in the back of the minds of DBA’s engineers when formulating the brake pad range. The pads are color coded to match with the well-known heat stripes on DBA’s performance rotors, reflecting its optimal temperature range. These brake pads are engineered to provide superior stopping power compared to O.E. brakes as well as competitors in similar price brackets.

DBA ensures its customers are well informed and offer an easy and comprehensive guide to purchasing DBA brake pads and matching brake rotors for each individual’s driving application. From daily driving to heavy towing, from 4WD to circuit track days, DBA has a variety of driving scenarios covered.


DBA’s Performance brake pads have been rigorously tested in the harsh Aussie environment, ensuring nothing but the best friction material is chosen for DBA’s trusted customers. Not only do the pads perform well, they are formulated to work hand-in-hand with DBA’s rotors for maximum stopping ability.

DBA offers brake pads and rotors warranty for a piece of mind giving you no worries and no reasons to ponder on any other choices. With an industry leading R&D team and equipment, DBA is as confident as ever before in delivering the best braking performance under the Aussie sun.


These brake pads are for drivers seeking improved braking performance over traditional O.E brake pads. DBA Street Performance is the next step up for all vehicles.

Made from semi-metallic friction material, they have a F-F class friction with an average of 0.35 mu from low to high operating temperatures. Their efficiency remains constant up to 438°C and are copper free.

DBA recommends Street Performance brake pads for daily driver and performance vehicles, 4WDs and SUVs. They are also compatible with light commercial and trade vehicles. DBA recommends using these brake pads with their T2 or T3 slotted rotors for optimum braking power.


These brake pads are for drivers seeking high initial bite and friction consistency from low to high temperatures. Ideal for performance track days, 4×4’s towing heavy loads including high GVM and Armoured vehicles.

They have excellent high temperature performance with optimal friction performance up to 550°C. Made from semi-metallic, carbon fiber friction material, they have a G-G classes friction with an average of 0.45 mu from low to high temperature applications.

DBA recommends Extreme Performance brake pads for high performance street vehicles, as well as club track days, heavy towing and upgraded 4x4s. DBA recommend T3 slotted rotors in the 4000 and 5000 series for best stopping performance.

All DBA Performance brake pads are scorched on the friction surface to improve the bedding in process and minimize the onset of green fade typically experienced with new pads. Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP), a process unique to DBA, increases cold friction effectiveness and reduces bedding-in time. The pads include chamfers where required to reduce unwanted noise, vibration and harshness under braking. The center slot facilitates temperature stability. DBA’s brake pad’s backing plate is made from high quality steel that are resistant to wear.

DBA uses high quality European made triple layer shims to enhance the pad noise dampening characteristics (included in all products). Of course, these pads are asbestos free with no other nasty materials. Dust is minimal and gentle on wheels with no sticky goo to scrub off.

As with all DBA products, the performance pad range is backed up with full technical support both online and in the field.

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