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DBA New Performance Brake Pads And Brake Shoes Program

After four decades at the forefront of disc brake rotor manufacturing, DBA was determined to develop its very own range of high-quality performance brake pads.

This new pad range is the result of an exhaustive Australian-based research and development program, having put these pads through their paces on the street, off-road, at racetracks and extensive dynamometer testing.

The new Performance range of DBA brake pads include options to suit all driving needs, fromdaily drivers to four-wheel drives and towing the caravan, to performance and track-oriented driving.

Not only do the pads perform well, they are formulated to work hand-in-hand with DBA’s rotors for maximum stopping ability and efficiency.

Street Performance (SP)

Street Performance (SP) brake pads have been designed for drivers seeking improved braking performance over traditional

O.E. brake pads, developed to provide an effective friction response to pedal application and offer low wear and dust minimisation.

The SP range is recommended for street performance vehicles, 4WDs and SUVs and light commercial/trade vehicles.

Made from a semi-metallic friction material, they have a F-F class friction with an average of 0.35mu from low to high operating temperatures. Their efficiency remains consistent up to 438°C and are copper free.

DBA recommends using the Street Performance pads with their T2 or T3 slotted rotors for optimum braking power.

Xtreme Performance (XP)

Xtreme Performance brake pads have been designed for drivers seeking high initial bite and friction consistency from low to high temperatures, for heavy duty applications where higher friction levels are required, in order to safely brake under extreme conditions.

The XP range is ideal for performance driving, track days, 4WDs towing heavy loads including high GVM and armoured vehicles.

They have excellent high temperature performance with optimal friction up to 550°C. Made from semi-metallic, carbon fibre friction material, they have a G-G class friction material with an average of 0.45mu from low to high temperature applications.

DBA recommends Xtreme Performance brake pads to be used with their 4000 and 5000 Series rotors for best stopping performance. Features include:

  • Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP), a process unique to DBA, increases cold friction effectiveness and reduces bedding-in time
  • High performance chamfers to reduce unwanted noise, vibration and harshness under braking. Backing plates are made from G3131 high quality steel that is resistant to wear
  • European made, triple layer shims to enhance the pad noise dampening characteristics (included in all products)
  • Asbestos free with no other nasty materials while at the same time keeping dust to a minimum and are gentle on wheels
  • OE wear sensor (where required)
  • Bed in procedure card, service sticker and DBA high temperature brake pad lubricant
  • As with all DBA products, the Performance pad range is backed up with full Australian technical support both online and in the field. The range is already expanding with an additional 250 applications added recently.

DBA Brake Shoes

The value and performance of new brake shoes is superior to re-using cores for a number of reasons. New brake shoes, along with in-spec drums, cams, cam bushings, consistent automatic slack adjusters and new brake hardware provide an excellent foundation for brake balance.

After a recent successful foray into the brake pad market, Australian braking leaders, Disc Brakes Australia have now embarked on a brake shoe program to compliment their extensive and high quality range of brake rotors, pads, fluids and drums. DBA has over four decades of manufacturing expertise, supply leading distributors and workshops across Australia and in over 24 countries worldwide.

Designed for street, commercial, towing and off-road use, DBA’s new range of brake shoes feature a versatile minimum FF rated friction material which enables a stable and consistent coefficient of friction across a wide temperature range.

Designed with low dust and noise properties, shorter bedding in times and overall better braking performance, DBA brake shoes continue the mantra of always offering high quality products. DBA also recommends to use its shoes with DBA drums for best performance.

All DBA Brake Shoes are:

  • 100% free of asbestos
  • 100% radius ground for ease of fitment
  • Feature a coated shoe core to inhibit corrosion and rust

As with all DBA products, the brake shoe range is backed up with full Australian technical support both online and in the field and it’s available at all stockists of DBA products.

For more information, head to or contact your local DBA representative.
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