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DBA’s Brake Pad And Rotor Combo

Towing & Brakes – Brake Pad and Rotor Combo is unmatched!

The overwhelming reception success for DBA’s newly released Performance Brake Pads, especially in the Light Commercial, 4WD and high GMV upgrade environment, DBA has ensured all customers are not only satisfied, but their expectations truly exceeded!

DBA’s T2 and T3 slotted brake rotors already a simple, effective and popular upgrade for many off roaders and tradesmen, the addition of DBA’s performance matched brake pad products means optimum braking performance and keeping safety first.

When towing or thinking about your next off road adventure, we only really think about how to fit all the equipment in the back with no hassles and putting on extra accessories to make our trip easier.

Rarely do we think about all the extra weight we put on the car to increase the vehicles GVM – (Given Vehicle Mass) – this is not a couple of kilograms, these are in measurements of tonnes! For example, a bulbar or side protection bars adds 100kg each, spare offroad wheels are about 30kg each, towing a large trailer or caravan adds an enormous 2 tonnes.

When you are driving or towing heavy, while the vehicle’s OEM or stock brake package on our cars may be able to withstand extra vehicle loaded weight, the level of braking safety margin may be compromised in a dire emergency braking situation.

The most cost effective proven measure to improve braking performance is the fitment of premium technology brake pad and brake rotor products, with guaranteed extra benefits and safety that DBA’s brake pad and rotor combo can provide.

With heavy duty braking requirements, it’s all about effective brake torque, pedal feel and brake temperature recovery, confidence in your vehicle’s braking capability is able to cope with the heavy load or mountainous terrain. These are those “we just made that” situations when braking counts most versus euphoria “how well did we do that” traversing steep terrain or those adrenaline-charged emergency braking events.

Customer Mike Cowen recently upgraded his Toyota LandCruiser with DBA slotted rotors and performance brake pads noticing the difference as clear as day. ‘Wow!’ he exclaimed, ‘what a difference it makes when I put my foot on the brake.’ With a canopy fitted in the back meaning extra weight, ‘I hardly have to apply any pressure at all on the brake pedal and it just wants to stop.’ Mike’s LandCruiser is also equipped with a front bull bar and tows a large trailer, giving the total mass of four tonnes. With DBA’s rotor and pad combination, braking performance is much better than OEM or OEM equivalent, making sure you stop safely and efficiently.

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