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DBA’s Street Series Disc Rotors

Today we take a look at Disc Brake Australia’s Street Series range of OE replacement disc rotors and the technology and innovations that keep DBA ahead of the pack.

A lot has been written about high-performance brake technology, and Disc Brakes Australia rightly points to its technical expertise and the numerous patents under its belt when it comes to the design and manufacturing of high-end performance rotors. However, sometimes it is useful to also take a look at the opposite end of the spectrum and remind oneself what makes a great OE replacement rotor, and what sets it apart from inferior designs.

Workshop owners and mechanics value a hassle-free experience for themselves and their customers. That’s why using the right parts for their customers’ needs is crucial. Vehicle owners getting their cars serviced, on the other hand, expect the parts to be fit for purpose, technically reliable, and value for money.

DBA’s Street Series disc rotors tick all the above boxes. As direct OE replacement parts they offer rotor technology that is often advanced over the original part at a considerably lower cost. How?

DBA applies a range of unique technical features to its products – in other words, even basic OEM brake applications often receive an inadvertent ‘upgrade’ when replaced with a Street Series product. As a result, the driver enjoys a better braking experience at an affordable price.

So, what are the features across DBA’s range of Street Series rotors?

  • DBA’s ‘Kangaroo Paw’ ventilation design. This unique ‘diamond and tear drop pillar’ vane design is available for most applications. It can increase heat expulsion by up to 20 per cent over conventional designs, keeping the rotors cool under heavy braking, thus minimising brake fade and overall extending product life and reducing costs
  • A CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) machine turned finish. This process is applied to all DBA rotors. CBN finish ensures an even transfer layer, which is important for the modern brake pad, leading to better pedal feel and reducing the potential for pad “knock” and resulting premature wear
  • En-Shield Protection. A zinc/aluminium water-based coating is applied to the rotor surface and then baked on. The resulting film protects the rotor within from corrosion and keeps its visual appeal over the service life. En-Shield coating also alleviates the need to clean rotors prior to installation, saving fitment time and preventing rust
  • Various surface configurations. DBA offers four different surface designs to meet the exact braking requirements of the application. The most popular variants are plain – usually the closest to a direct OE replacement – and DBA’s patented T2 design, featuring CNC-machined, bi-symmetrical slots. These slots facilitate the exit of friction dust and gases whilst also enhancing the pad bite. The result is a quieter, smoother and more responsive braking experience.

Street Series rotors are designed for optimal alignment and performance with DBA’s range of Street Series brake products, which is constantly being expanded. This includes:

  • Brake pads. The all-new Street Series brake pad range was recently introduced to the Australian market and is already seeing a strong uptake by the industry. With a mix of ceramic and semi-metallic friction formulation to best suit each vehicle application, the 750+ part numbers cover over 95 per cent of the Australian car and LCV population
  • Brake calipers. A recent addition to DBA’s line-up of brake products, this range of OE replacement calipers is now available for popular models and is constantly being expanded for greater coverage
  • Brake fluids. DBA’s various DOT grades are the ideal choice when a hydraulic fluid change is part of the service.

For more information on the full range of Street Series OE replacement products visit, email, or phone DBA Sales & Service on 1800 730 039.

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