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DBL Star Brake Lathe

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The DBL Star, a Korean made off car brake lathe that combines affordability with reliability. Available for heavy truck and passenger vehicles.

The DBL Star off car brake lathe has been sold in Australia for over a decade with thousands of units working right around the country. Its success can be tied back to its cost-effective price coupled with outstanding disc and drum finishes. Entering the market in the disc only form it’s less than half the cost of a comparable on car lathe, in the disc and drum lathe it’s slightly over half the cost of an on-car lathe. Pricing includes bench, lathe, chip tray, hood and accessories to start machining straight away. Made in Korea, it’s built a reputation for reliability and ease of use. Featuring a LED light array built into the clear hood so you can still see in low light conditions, it also has an LED for drum use.

The lathe features adjustable V-gibs to adjust out any future wear. One of the features owners tells us they like the most is the switchable cross slide. It’s impossible to engage both slides at once and the spindle feed is infinitely variable which results in first-rate finishes. Possibly the greatest part of the lathe is the bit you can’t see and that’s the size of the motor which has built-in gear drive coupled with a Gilmer type belt, similar to what a supercharger uses. The belt helps to isolate vibrations and the gear drive increases the motors torque. Three jaw chuck and flywheel cutter are also available.

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