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Denso – An Industry Benchmark

by Digital Mayne Media

For more than 30 years, DENSO Commercial and Heavy Duty has been building parts that keep the most powerful trucks and equipment operating on and off the highway.

ENSO starter motors and alternators are supplied to many of the leading heavy-duty on-road truck, off-road equipment and engine manufacturers including Caterpillar, Cummins, Komatsu, John Deere, Hino and Isuzu. DENSO also offers a range for use on 8 to 15 litre Cummins, Cat or Detroit diesel applications including Kenworth, Freightliner, Mack, Western Star and Iveco.

DENSO is the largest manufacturer of alternators in the world. They offer brush and brushless-type alternators to meet the needs of a diverse range of vehicles, equipment and applications. Advanced manufacturing techniques has enabled DENSO to develop alternators that are of lightweight construction for easy fitment, with high efficiency power and superior durability – resulting in longer life in the toughest environmental conditions.

DENSO’s long life brushless alternators are also class leading in size and weight, whilst offering exceptional real world performance. These technical strengths provide you with a significantly longer service life.

DENSO developed the world’s first Segment Conductor (SC) alternator using a rectangular conductor for its stator coil, reducing coil resistance by 50 per cent. In addition to the rectangular conductor, the SC alternator adopted dual windings and rectifiers, achieving a smaller sized unit, lighter weight, higher efficiency and lower noise. Higher output results in increased heat production so DENSO increased the surface area of the rectifier cooling fins to nearly twice the size of conventional fins, improving the overall cooling ability of the unit.
The DENSO difference:
• Rectangular conductor in its stator coil
• Perfect mounting with no belt/pulley alignment issues
• Full compatibility with sensitive electronic systems

The SC alternators are among the smallest and most efficient alternators in the world, and that is why they are chosen by many OEM’s as the alternator of choice.

DENSO PowerEdge alternators are designed to cater for the increased electrical demand of today’s commercial vehicles.

The DENSO PowerEdge patented design produces higher amps at idle and cruise speeds, allowing you to confidently and efficiently run all the electrical systems you need. Increased alternator efficiency means less engine power is required to operate the alternator, which provides a savings to your bottom line when it comes to fuel expense.

DENSO’s Heavy duty starters incorporate the latest technologies, that when combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and facilities produce starters that are physically smaller and lighter, provide excellent cranking power, whilst having significantly less current than any other heavy duty starter on the market. The original DENSO gear-reduction starter is an industry benchmark, so rugged and powerful that it is often adapted for racing use. DENSO starters are subject to rigorous testing, resulting in the lowest return rates in the aftermarket. Armatures and field coils are high-voltage tested; commutators are refinished and performance-validated; terminals and fasteners all built with high-quality copper componentry.
The DENSO difference:
• High-voltage tested armature and field coils to ensure reliable performance
• Premium copper terminals to ensure a clean source of electrical current
• Maximum cranking torque under all conditions

Nowadays, equipment and vehicle owners are looking at the total cost of vehicle ownership, from fuel usage to parts costs as well as equipment downtime. DENSO’s range of heavy duty parts offer the lowest cost of ownership and challenge any operator to study the true cost of their vehicle maintenance.

DENSO is trusted by professionals for commercial and heavy duty parts.

For more information or to find your part please visit www.denso.com.au

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