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Once upon a time spark plugs needed to be changed regularly, they wore out, quickly fouled and basically bore the brunt of a particularly harsh engine environment.

As you would expect a lot of things have changed since then, and the fine-tuned, sensor controlled engines of today are a lot smarter, efficient and precise.

At DENSO we know cars; from bonnet to boot we have spent over seven decades designing, engineering and perfecting car parts – it’s what we do, and we do it darn well.

Spark plugs are one such product we have spent a lot of time testing and refining… thousands upon thousands of kilometers of testing; and here’s what we did.

Denso Made It Tough!

To solve the issue of plug durability and resistance to heat range fluctuations, DENSO developed and patented an Iridium/Rhodium alloy with the highest concentration of Iridium of any spark plug.

It outperforms in the most severe engine temperatures resisting oxidation and voltage wear for well over 100,000 kilometers.

Denso Made It Better!

Not content with shear strength, DENSO focused its attention on harnessing the spark. So, in a world-first we made the center electrode super fine and developed a 360-degree laser welding process to hold the tip well and truly in place. This makes our plugs highly ignitable and very stable, which equates to optimized power, better fuel economy and longevity. You may have seen the innovative U-Groove design that has helped make DENSO spark plugs famous? This design employs a unique, channeled ground electrode which generates a larger spark at the point of ignition. Greater spark energy than ordinary plugs means improved flame travel, producing more complete, consistent, and efficient combustion – because sometimes, better performance isn’t just about going fast.

Denso Made It Easy!

Many of the cars on the road today have DENSO parts specifically selected by the car manufacturer as original equipment. Knowing what each engine requires and its tolerances gives DENSO a distinct advantage in the consolidated product range we have developed.

With 97 per cent market coverage in Australia and DENSO’s unsurpassed reputation for technological superiority car manufacturers all over the world trust and use DENSO.

The Power Of Iridium

It is no secret that Iridium is 6 x harder, 8 x stronger and could take temperatures of 650°C hotter than platinum (i.e. exceeding 2454°C).

For maximum performance under the most extreme conditions, you can’t go past DENSO Iridium Power spark plugs. Through patented technology, including a 0.4mm diameter centre electrode – the Iridium Power plug produces the hottest, most concentrated spark with the lowest voltage and outperforms any plug today.

The required voltage in the Iridium Power plugs is between 3 and 5 kv less than normal plugs. This is due to the ultra-fine 0.4mm diameter ground electrode and U-groove design. Because required voltage is kept low, Iridium Power can be used in high performance engines and for high response driving.

When an engine is idling, firing can become particularly bad. Because Iridium Power plugs have a low required voltage, high ignitability and good combustion they are able to maintain very smooth idling.

When Iridium Power spark plugs are used, accidental fire and misfiring rarely occurs. Therefore, combustion is extremely good and in turn, a healthy engine can be maintained and fuel consumption improved. The DENSO difference:

  • Iridium Power uses DENSO’s patented U-Groove ground electrode to achieve maximum ignitability while minimizing required voltage
  • At 0.4mm in diameter, the DENSO Iridium Power center electrode tip is the world’s smallest
  • Produces the hottest, most concentrated spark, while requiring the lowest voltage
  • Produces maximum performance under the most extreme conditions.

So What’s The Deal With Twin Tip?

DENSO’s revolutionary Twin-Tip design introduces the idea that two tips are better than one.

Why? Because the additional tip on the ground electrode results in less obstruction of spark growth, while still maintaining the same gap. Less interference at the spark origin (quenching) means better ignitability for a more powerful and fuel efficient combustion.

More World Firsts

In yet another world first, DENSO’s patented Nickel TT Spark Plug features a nickel center and a ‘twin’ protruding ground electrode with a slimmer 1.5mm diameter. This design achieves ignition efficiency closer to DENSO’s premium Iridium ranges without expensive precious metals.

The advantages of Nickel TT include:

  • Improved performance for a lower cost. The Nickel TT Spark Plug range is aimed at drivers who care about value for money and savings on fuel
  • Reduced emissions and improved ignitability leads to less combustion fluctuation, resulting in less fuel consumption and significantly reduced CO, CO2 and HC emissions
  • Less stock, same coverage. The complete Nickel TT Spark Plug range is highly consolidated, comprising of 16 convenient part numbers that cover most of the popular applications within Australia.

Unparalleled Spark

DENSO’s Iridium TT spark plugs are the most advanced spark plug on the market.

They feature the world’s smallest 0.4mm Iridium center electrode and 0.7mm needle tip ground electrode, minimising spark interference and maximizing ignitability.

By greatly minimising electrode wear, DENSO improved mileage and extended the plug’s useful life.

These spark plugs deliver the best all-around performance, exceptional fuel economy and extraordinary endurance. In fact, they’re designed to last 100,000 kilometers; which makes these plugs suited to the rigor of long distance and heavy use driving.

“With 97 Per Cent Market Coverage In Australia And Denso’s Unsurpassed Reputation For Technological Superiority Car Manufacturers All Over The World Trust And Use Denso.”

Elite Performance

Looking for more power and torque? Then you’ll find everything you need wrapped up in our finest DENSO Iridium Racing spark plugs.

0.4mm Iridium-Rhodium alloy center electrode requires less voltage to fire a nd increases firing performance. 100 per cent pure Platinum 0.8mm ground electrode reduces risk of melting the plug during harsh racing conditions. As well as increased engine efficiency and fewer misfires, the Iridium Racing best demonstrates its performance improvement during acceleration.

DENSO offer our customers the most advanced spark plugs on the market and coverage for most makes and models on the road today. To reap the reward, just make the switch and experience the difference for yourself.

To find your closest stockist visit www.denso.com.au

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