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On a work trip to Canberra, a few weeks back, we dropped into to Cooma Diesel Service (CDS) to catch up with Pierce and the team who took us through an impressive selection of specialty tools from Specialist Tools Australia – the first being a Diesel Injector Seat Cutter Kit to renew a cylinder head.

The team at CDS have been building their prestigious reputation as of Australia’s leading Diesel Fuel Injection Repairers since 1960, and over that time have become highly sort-after and regarded for their diagnosis and failure expertise, innovative fuel pump and injector repairs – not to mention being famous for their Land Cruiser intercooler kit. So, when the team at CDS decide to share what tools they find have risen to the top of the ladder, most diesel mechanics will sit up and listen.


When I started digging around why Pierce was so wrapped in the Specialist Tools Australia Diesel Injector Seat Cutter kit he happily shared “in the instance of a common rail diesel, when their injectors become seized, or end up with a worn or with a blown injector seat tip washer, this Diesel Injector Seat Cutter kit is what we use to renew the cylinder head, to achieve a nice flat surface to allow the cylinder head to seat. Knowing how far is too far is the key to using such a sharp and precise seat cutting tool.”

Pierce continued, “knowing whether you need a flat or tapered style is key before confirming the correct size from the eight-piece kit”, which is one of the smaller sized kits on offer.

The eight piece-kit includes the shaft with T-handle which clips in easily. The system is a socket design, but Pierce strongly advised against using any motorised tool or drill to cut the seat, instead going for a slow and controlled cutting approach by hand and checking the cut several times until the seat has an even and uniform polished look – normally, not going any further than one and a half turns between checks.


The Diesel Injector Seat Cutter kit from Specialist Tools Australia has a carbide steel cutting blade and is extremely tough and sharp. The tool is producing an amazing result with the right, slow and careful approach.

There is quite a lot going on at Cooma Diesel Service with Responsive Engineering being a sister company and, apart from specialising in pumps and turbos, their team also produce a range of products, after finding a gap in the market for high-end speciality tools specific to Diesel engines.


One of the most common problems the team at CDS experience with their customer’s Diesel engines is stuck injectors in the cylinder head due to build-up of carbon. Having the right tools available to ensure that you aren’t creating more problems for the customers is always the goal and having these right tools means that an ever-increasing percentage of the time you don’t have to remove the cylinder head, which is always the goal.

Different brands of injectors have different bodies and require various removal tools and techniques to remove the injector. With a tried and tested range of injector removal tool solutions make sure to give the CDS team a call to enquire about their ever-growing range of tools from Specialist Tools Australia, Govoni and many more.


If you are worried about fuel contamination in your diesel also be sure to ask about CDS world-renowned “water watch” which was created by the team at CDS.

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