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Denso’s Range of EGR Valves Provide Performance Boost

by Digital Mayne Media

Denso’s Exhaust Gas Recirculation valves help to control vehicle emissions and deliver a range of benefits.

Denso’s exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves are designed to boost performance by paving the way for greater responsiveness, precision and durability, as well as perform the important role of reducing harmful nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions, effectively acting to limit the amount of NOx produced.

Across its vacuum and DC motor EGR valve types, Denso’s range brings together a specially designed array of features that together contribute to reducing vehicle exhaust emissions in different types of driving conditions, ultimately combining to curtail NOx emissions.

These emissions are formed during hightemperature combustion, with EGR valves reducing the amount of NOx produced by recirculating a portion of the exhaust gases back into the engine’s air intake, lowering the combustion temperature and reducing the amount of NOx produced.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that a faulty EGR valve may not only shorten engine life and increase harmful emissions, but can also cause a range of driveability problems, including: rough idling, startup difficulty, stalling, hesitation during acceleration and abnormal knocking.

Denso’s EGR valves respectively utilise vacuum and electric-powered methods of operation in helping to control vehicle emissions and deliver a range of benefits.

The vacuum EGR valve consists of the EGR inlet, the valve itself, a diaphragm chamber, vacuum port and lift sensor, with the pressure inside the diaphragm chamber changed to adjust the valve opening.

The DC motor valve is driven by the DC motor, and its motor speed reduced by a gear, while the valve connected to the valve shaft is rotated, adjusting the area of the EGR passage, with the valve opening detected by the angle sensor (using a Hall element) and sent to the engine control unit as feedback.

Among the benefits delivered by the range, Denso EGR valves are variously designed to provide:

  • Responsiveness – providing for optimal exhaust gas flow adaptation for all engine temperatures and driving conditions
  • Precision – an integrated position sensor allows for more accurate control of exhaust gases, resulting in a higher level of precision
  • Durability – reduction in the effect of exhaust pressure and exhaust flow provides carbon corrosion resistance and longer life.

Of course, in addition to the performance benefits provided across its vacuum and DC motor EGR valve types, Denso highlights the fundamental role that its EGR valve range plays in the reduction of NOx in exhaust emissions.

Denso has built a global reputation as a supplier of quality aftermarket car parts, underpinned by its commitment to manufacturing excellence and focus on technological advancements, and draws on a strong tradition of innovation in bringing its EGR valve range to the local market.

This reputation has been built around producing reliable components that deliver long-term value for its trade and end-user customers, with Denso boasting a strong presence in the local automotive industry.

Its presence encompasses an ongoing commitment to research and development, with Denso’s state-of-theart test facility, based in Victoria, allowing for extensive product evaluation and prototype vehicle testing.

Further information on Denso’s EGR valves and wider product range, including a part search function, and advice on where to buy parts, can be found at Denso’s website: www.denso.com.au.

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