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Diagnostics And Online Services

In an area of the industry that seems to be advancing at breakneck speed, the world of Diagnostics and Online Services can at times be just a little intimidating for newcomers to the industry and those that have been in the game their whole lives.

For those that struggle with technology, there is a series of great new products as well as training opportunities that are on offer to help simplify and improve the general knowledge and understanding in these areas.

In this issue, we look into deconstructing the trouble code. DTCs (diagnostic trouble code) are used by automotive technicians to identify problems associated with vehicles. But understanding how to read these codes and the naming structure of the code is the key to really making these codes do the handwork for you.

So, it’s time to buy a diagnostic scanner.

With so much on offer and ever-changing vehicle systems and the adding of computers and onboard modules, you almost need a computer to tell you which product to buy. One thing is for sure, you can’t run a workshop without one, so ensuring you end up with a diagnostic tool which covers what you need right now, along with what you could potentially need in the future, will save you money in the long run. Working out what you need upfront is the key, from OB11 tools to high-end advanced ECU program, tools should all be factored into your mix.

After-sales service and support should all also be part of your research before investing in a quality tool.

There’s a great bunch of blokes down in Cooma Diesel and Turbo, who’s made it their business to offer regular training courses to automotive technicians on diagnosis and repair, as well as supplying

new and remanufactured fuel injection parts and turbochargers. It’s all about understanding the key to diagnosing a fault, having an understanding of how the system operates, which is critical to achieving satisfactory and cost-effective results for the customer.

The boys from Cooma Diesel and Turbo cover a wide range of great info on common faults with C/R systems from water contamination in fuel, to rusty or shiny metal wear in fuel. Along with their affiliated company Specialist Tools Australia, they stock the right tools to ensure accurate diagnosis and fast repair.

So when it comes to investing in new diagnostic tools think about where your business is headed and ask the right questions to end up with the right gear that will be as effective for tomorrow as it is for today.

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