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Disc Brakes Australia’s Brake Pads Range is Making Inroads

by Digital Mayne Media

After a hugely successful first 12 months since its market launch, Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) continues to extend the vehicle coverage and service offerings for its STREET SERIES range of brake pads.

On the anniversary of the launch of its STREET SERIES brake pads program, Disc Brakes Australia says it couldn’t be happier with how the program has established itself in the market.

“The reception has been nothing short of fantastic,” comments Andrew Bates, Product Manager Friction at DBA. “Sales in year one have far exceeded our expectations, and – more importantly – the feedback from the trade and the workshop mechanics alike has been outstandingly positive. They are impressed by the product performance and the value for money on offer.”

When the program was launched in April last year, DBA’s main goal was to close the gap in their range of brake pads. With its two upgrade brands STREET PERFORMANCE and XTREME PERFORMANCE firmly established in the market, the ‘missing link’ was a competitive program at OE replacement level.

Rather than becoming another brake pad brand in a crowded reseller market, DBA drew on years of successful research and development in braking products to create a pad that not only performs at OE level or better, but also offers the ideal friction formulation specifically for each application.

Consequently, DBA did not settle on just one formulation, but offers either ceramic or semi-metallic friction depending on the vehicle specifications and the required braking characteristics.

All of DBA’s STREET SERIES friction material undergoes a Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP) process, and a titanium dioxide-infused bed-in stripe is applied to the material to increase the initial friction coefficient. As a result, STREET SERIES brake pads perfectly complement DBA’s range of STREET SERIES brake rotors, offering the shortest bed-in times and optimal braking performance across the range.

Market-leading coverage and cataloguing add to the strengths of the program. With a pad for over 95 per cent of the ANZ passenger and light commercial vehicle population readily available, DBA truly offers a ‘one stop shop’ experience to the customer. In combination with its technologyleading range of brake rotors, DBA has the complete package for any vehicle. Putting its money where its mouth is, the company has just released more than 40 brand new brake pad part numbers for recent vehicle models, true to its aspiration of being ‘first to market’. For details on the latest part number releases, visit dba.com.au/dba-catalogues/newproduct- releases.

All STREET SERIES part numbers, together with their STREET PERFORMANCE and XTREME PERFORMANCE counterparts,are meticulously catalogued in DBA’s online Part Finder database, freely accessible via the DBA website.

A recently added cross-reference search function helps workshop mechanics identify the correct DBA part number from a myriad of leading vehicle manufacturer and aftermarket part numbers. The functionality is not limited to DBA brake pads but is also available for DBA brake rotors and brake drums.

To view a short demonstration of the cross-reference functionality, visit dba.com. au and click on ‘About Us’ then ‘DBA News’, or find Disc Brakes Australia on YouTube.

For further information including DBA’s online ‘Where-to-buy’ distributor database, visit dba.com.au

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