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Does Your Smoke Machine have UV Dye?

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What do you do if a suspected leak is in the area you can’t see or reach, like underneath an intake manifold or on top of a fuel tank?

Cars today have many places where leaks can occur, often requiring disassembly of system components in order to diagnose them. Once these components are removed how do you smoke test them? If your smoke machine has UltraTraceUV smoke solution, you do not need to repeatedly re-test with smoke. Just grab your UV combo light and start looking for dye traces marking any leaks. With smoke with UV dye will find leaks that smoke alone can not!

Smoke Wizard’s line of Diagnostic Smoke Machines with UltraTraceUV® Smoke Solution offers the only OEM approved UV Dye leak detection capability on the market.  Developed to meet OEM specifications, UltraTraceUV smoke solution is non-contaminating and non-permanent; the dye trace simply wipes away when testing is done.

If you are thinking about getting a smoke machine make sure it has UltraTraceUV smoke solution. With Smoke Wizard products you never have to worry because UltraTraceUV comes standard with every unit.


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