Driveline and Under The Car, Focus Feature

Driveline And Under The Car

There’s a lot of high-tech gear underneath the floor pan and inside the bodywork of today’s vehicles.

The good old days of ticking the boxes for having checked for backlash in the diff and excessive play in the universal joints are just a dim memory. Flex couplings, CV joints and braking with unprecedented levels of electronic control and safety overrides are the staples of every driveline service and under-the-car inspection.

Braking needs particular attention. As the ECUs of modern vehicles lift their levels of intervention along with their subtlety, drivers take good, safe braking for granted more than at any time in automotive history. The range of sensors required to achieve the necessary braking performance is astonishing, and when trailer braking is added to the system, servicing and technical requirements can become daunting.

But as technology in these important systems moves ahead, so do diagnostic equipment and the tools relevant to their maintenance and diagnostics. In fact, the components themselves are quite often setting new standards, sometimes outperforming OEM equipment.

It’s not easy to keep up will all the advancements in technology, especially in driveline and braking hardware.

But ACM is here to help.

The next few pages will outline some up-to-the-minute ideas and equipment for keeping drivelines, braking systems and other under-the-car functions in good shape…even better than good shape in some instances.

It’s an area of fast development, so read through this collection while we begin researching and compiling the next update.

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