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Drivetech Engine Oil Filling System UXT-10025

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Carrying out vehicle servicing and changing engine oil is the bread and butter of most Automotive workshops with thousands of litres of engine oil changed daily.

Filling or topping up engine oil can be a challenge as not all oil caps are easy to access, or the funnel doesn’t quite sit right, and you get that nasty dribble that runs down the rocker cover onto the block.

Drivetech has come up with a solution to this age-old problem with their 8 pcs engine oil filling system.

The kit includes a funnel that holds approximately two litres of oil, an aluminium angled extension arm and six oil cap adapters to suit most makes and models. The adapter cap screws onto the rocker cover just like the oil cap and you can either fit the funnel onto the adapter or use the extension arm to move the funnel into a more accessible position eliminating the need to reach awkwardly into the engine bays whilst trying to balance holding the funnel and pouring the oil.

The Drivetech engine oil filling system was tested during a service on a Toyota Prado. After screwing the correct adapter cap onto the rocker cover the funnel was fitted and not a drop of oil was spilt. The parts are easy to clean and store away easily for the next service.

The kit comes with detailed instructions as well as part numbers and an adapter application chart for various models.

The Drivetech engine oil filling system is the way to go when carrying out vehicle servicing in the modern automotive workshop.

Reviewed By Adam Watkins

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