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Dual Action Ratchets Up Expansion

by Digital Mayne Media

Dual Action Multi-Purpose Impact Sockets expands in Queensland, broadens its website and sees sales of 3/8″ Metric sets increase.

Dual Action is excited to announce that their high-performance range of impact sockets are now available at even more stockists in Queensland, so if you live in the sunshine state, right now you have greater access to the Dual Action range than ever before.

Available individually and in sets, Dual Action sockets are a stand-alone product range, which users find particularly appealing as it enables them to replace two sockets with one. The range is highly comprehensive in both sockets and sets with ¼” ⅜” and ½” drives in Metric, Imperial, standard and deep variants. All sets are available in 6 or 12 point.

To form the Impact Sockets, a drop forge process is used, followed by precise heat and surface hardening treatments to deliver unsurpassed material strength, hardness and superior surface durability.

Demonstrated by how quickly these are flying off the shelves, the most popular set at the moment in the range is the 35-piece 3/8″ Drive Metric Socket Set. This is a great entry level set, perfect for apprentices or general use and includes 16 standard length sockets ranging in size from 7mm to S22822mm and 16 deep length sockets again ranging from 7mm to 22mm. The set also comes with three accessories including a 72 tooth ratchet handle with quick release button, a 75mm wobble extension bar and a 150mm wobble extension bar, securely stored in its own customised case.

To enable customers to find out even more about this set and all the other products in the range, Dual Action has recently expanded its website. There’s a web page for each of the products in the entire range and their accessories, plus an up-to-date store locator of all of the stockists around the country where you can obtain expert advice to find the right impact sockets to suit you.

Also, on the website you’ll now be able to keep up with the latest news on all things PRODUCTSDual Action, see a range of videos and read through an in-depth list of FAQs. While you are there, be sure to sign up to receive Dual Action’s e-newsletter and stay informed about some exciting new products, offers and giveaways coming soon.

Remember, the Dual Action range of impact sockets are the only sockets you should use on the equipment you value and there’s no need to buy one socket set for your power tool and another one for your hand tool, you can just invest in one set once.

Specifically engineered for the needs of the professional technician, Dual Action’s thin-walled sockets and accessories provide unparalleled versatility that come with a lifetime warranty.

So, when you’re ready to get serious about your tools, the best action you can take is Dual Action.

For more information or to find your nearest stockist visit DualAction.com.au or follow Dual Action on Facebook: @dual-action-multi-purpose-sockets

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