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We are pleased to bring you a high performance, re-usable, replacement element for the Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2.8L Turbo Diesel 2016-17 (O/E Part# 17801-11130). With the added filtration foam air filters provide and the improved air flow over the standard paper filter you can expect better fuel economy and the knowledge your engine is getting the best protection when on off road.

Part# TT270 215S. RRP $105.00
Also available in our Travel Combo Packs
Unifilter is also pleased to offer our new Snorkel Ram Head Pre-Cleaner for the Safari Armax Snorkel range. Unifilter Snorkel Pre-Cleaners are a great addition to your 4×4. When conditions are dusty or travelling in convoy with other 4×4’s the Unifilter Snorkel Pre-Cleaners will give your engine extra protection and increase the service life of you main air filter. The Pre-Cleaner will stop 90% of dust from reaching your main filter. They are designed for use when driving in dust. They are not designed to be used at all times. Our Pre-Cleaners are available in single pack or packs of 3.
4×4 PreCleaner
Model: Safari Armax Snorkel
Front Face 175mm x 120mm

Part #: Preclean 44
RRP: Single $22.50
3 Pack $49.95

Unifilter Australia is Australia’s only 100% Australian Owned and Made Automotive air Filter Company. Unifilter Australia has been designing and manufacturing air filters in Australia since 1976. Keep up to date with all our latest news and product releases via our website www.unifilter.com.au and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and twitter @unifilteraustralia

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