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The Parts-On-Demand (POD) electronic catalogue from SAF-HOLLAND Group is taking a higher profile in Australia, providing a valuable resource for distributors.

The Parts On Demand catalogue is available to Australian customers to support their spare parts at work and after hours. To support the need for all information to be made accessible to all users, the SAF-HOLLAND POD is designed to assist distributors and consumers to provide the fastest possible information about their spare parts for both technical and parts issues relating to axles, fifth wheels, landing gear and coupling products.

With detailed product information on thousands of parts on its secure on-line site, the catalogue features intuitive navigation with quick access to SAF-HOLLAND spare parts. Users on the site can identify parts visually and can see exploded diagrams to zoom in to the individual parts required. There is an opportunity to download pictures and schematics and the catalogue also offers cross reference tools for replacement and deleted parts. “This supports distributors and consumers in remote areas of Australia to see the spare parts before they are shipped,” said SAF-HOLLAND National Aftermarket Manager, Phil Crosbie.

The SAF-HOLLAND on-line catalogue enables distributors to find precise parts information allowing you to search by axle model, fifth wheel or the type of spare part you are chasing. For example, all airbags or shock absorbers can be shown for positive identification of the right part for your application. This can include actual dimensions and weights of the selected items which also supports people searching parts by measurements they may have on hand for some parts.

To access the POD site visit and select the Parts On Demand option under the main Service Menu.
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