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Engine Fault Diagnosis Made Easy

All your engine management needs covered by CoolDrive.

CoolDrive Auto Parts is cementing its position in the Engine Management scene, with an industry-leading offering of products and components, tools and accessories, technical training and resources. CoolDrive’s Engine Management product offering is headlined by AFI, an established brand of automotive petrol and diesel engine management components.

The specialised AFI engine management program consists of a diverse range of both genuine quality and aftermarket components to suit a huge array of vehicles and applications. All of AFI’s components match, or exceed, the OE specifications when it comes to performance, reliability and longevity.

Complementing AFI are leading global brands including Denso, Bosch, Continental, Delphi, NTK, Walker, Nissens, BorgWarner, Valeo and Turbo Master Australia. With CoolDrive only expanding into engine management a few years ago, its offering is extensive with all manner of equipment and parts available to its customers.

The product portfolio includes a huge array of fuel pumps from inline external fuel pumps to internal fuel pumps and fuel modules as well as high-pressure GDI fuel pumps, and common rail injection pumps. While diesel-specific components include suction control valves, exhaust gas temperature sensors, injector washer kits, pressure limiting valves and diesel fuel rail assemblies.

Adding to the turbochargers, throttle bodies and vacuum pumps, is also an extensive range of sensors, including oxygen sensors, cam and crank sensors, MAP and boost sensors, air mass meters, knock sensors, pedal position sensors and more. Capping off the range are common rail diesel and petrol fuel injectors, spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition coils and lead sets, variable valve timing solenoids, along with EGR valves, EGR coolers, oil coolers and more! Of particular note is the ‘exact match’ XS Injectors range, a game-changer for performance tuners seeking precision.

to revolutionise flow testing and data matching and are the most accurate injector sets available on the market. While typically allowable performance tolerances can be up to nine percent, XS Injectors offer unparalleled matching, with tolerances within one percent on flow rate and two percent on dead times.

CoolDrive’s expansive tools and equipment range assists workshops in diagnosing engine faults and to tackle issues with greater confidence, efficiency and profitability. As vehicle systems, especially engine management systems, become more complex to contend with stricter rules on emissions and better fuel efficiency, it is getting harder and lengthier to diagnose vehicle faults.

This can result in poor profitability, therefore modern workshops need the right equipment to help identify the fault correctly and quickly with the right fix, the first time. For example, the Bosch KTS, which is a leading diagnostic tool featuring Pass-Thru programming/coding capability and the ESI[tronic] 2.0 diagnostic software.

This not only helps identify the fault, but supports with guided tests, known fixes and service information including wiring diagrams and service repair manuals. Additional new products at CoolDrive include the AFI Diagnostic Smoke Machine to help identify air leaks, and the AFI Walnut Blaster, which uses the natural power of walnut powder to remove carbon deposits from the inlet manifold. Carbon deposits cause engine management faults and premature failure of components.

Carbon build-ups in the engine inlet manifold, EGR and DPF systems can be prevented with regular maintenance using industry-leading cleaning solutions such as those from Terraclean as an on-car treatment and Cataclean as an in-tank pour-in treatment.

CoolDrive’s partnership with GYS has seen its Powerduction Induction Heat Tool products available, which can be useful for removing seized components such as spark or glow plugs. Another essential advanced diagnostic offering is the PicoScope range, the perfect PC Oscilloscope for measuring and testing virtually all the electronic components and circuits in any modern vehicle. A PicoScope turns a workshop’s PC into a powerful diagnostic tool, allowing users a view of the changing signals inside wires, directly onto the screen.

CoolDrive also supports workshops with three Electronic Repair Centres, which service all of Australia from Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The state-of-the-art centres provide a unique testing and repair service, covering everything from obsolete early model systems to the latest in high technology. Highly trained staff have the expertise to test, diagnose and repair a wide range of systems, from ABS modules, ECU units, ignition and climate control modules, as well as security systems and complicated security integrated engine control systems.

A trusted partner to workshops, CoolDrive also hosts a number of specialised training events across the country, with multiple events held this year, and more to come in 2023. These training events provide attendees opportunities to hone their skills and learn new vehicle system technology from the industry’s leading trainers and experts. Complementing these training sessions, but within the workshop, is CoolDrive’s new technical resource platform, CoolData.

CoolData enables the professional workshop to diagnose, maintain and repair vehicles and trucks with technical drawings, a unique electronics data module including wiring diagrams and guided tests, and intelligent diagnostics called VESA. The areas covered with the CoolData system including Identification Data, Adjustment Data, Vehicle Maintenance, Repair Offerings, and Electronics and Engine Management. Some of the many benefits of CoolData include detailed step-by-step maintenance instructions, estimated repair times and guided diagnostics to help a workshop boost productivity and improve workflow.

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