Engine Management and Fuel Injection, Focus Feature

Engine Management And Fuel Injection

Fuel injection is as much a part of the modern internal combustion engine as a head gasket. Controlling not only the flow of fuel and air, but its mixture ratio, and with a precision which would’ve been ridiculed 20 years ago, is as vital as ensuring spark just past TDC of the compression stroke.

Equipment and components for servicing engine-management systems and fuel-injection components are bread and butter to any modern workshop, especially as diesel engines become more and more widely accepted in passenger vehicles. People who may know full well not to turn the garden hose on the air filter of the family car may not understand a diesel’s vulnerability when it comes to water contamination of fuel and its associated systems. Nor does the wider community understand the contamination doesn’t come about through the deep-water crossings they see on their favourite 4WD TV show.

“Some may not grasp the concept that removing and servicing injectors isn’t like “…fitting a new set of ’plugs to the Commodore”.

Whether they understand the processes or not, owners will still expect their vehicle to be kept in first-class condition by professional workshops. That means well-trained technicians and the best and latest equipment and technologies.

ACM has put together a selection of products specific to engine-management systems, both petrol and diesel, to help keep busy, hardworking techs in touch. With pressure for faster vehicle turnaround and even greater responsibility for the automotive workshops and technicians, products like these can make the difference between profit and loss.

More importantly, they can mean happy, safe customers who keep returning.

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