Focus Feature

Engine Management & Fuel Injection

The Oxygen Sensor, all be-it very small in size plays a critical role in engine management especially after the development of electronic fuel injection.

These little components bring our engines to life by getting the fuel air to fuel ratios just right, bringing a perfect balance of power and efficiency to allow you to relax and enjoy your drive. Like most good technologies you don’t even notice how well it’s performing, creating a seamless driving experience.

There are many different types of Oxygen Sensor which from car to car varyin size, shape, lead length and terminal configuration which, in the past, has contributed to the difficulty of sourcing the correct sensor.

The team at Fuel miser have developed a time saving accurate system that will see mechanics get the right part, first time every time and in no time at all.

Fuel miser has one of the broad estranges of engine management and fuel system components with over 40 product groups providing over 5,500 individual parts. The quality range is unsurpassed with new parts being released in the market every month.

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