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Enviro+ C3 5w-30 – The Righ Choice

Choosing the right oil for a modern vehicle is now more complicated than ever with manufacturers requesting differents grades, specifications as well as approved oils to maintain performance, fuel economy and preserve new vehicle warranty.

Australia has seen a significant change in the make up of the car parc over the past 10 years, as well as an increase in diesel engined passenger cars and light commercial vehicles taking to the road. These vehicles require modern lubricants that assist the vehicle in meeting on-road regulatory compliances. Both petrol and diesel powered vehicles are trending toward lower viscosity, fuel efficient and emissions friendly type lubricants. Penrite Oil, in conjunction with its international trade partners, have

developed an oil that meets the needs of over three million vehicles on the road, whilst satisfying both industry specifications and the popular manufacturer requirements. This product is Enviro+ C3 5W-30.

ENVIRO+ C3 5W-30

Enviro+ C3 5W-30 is a Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30 Mid SAPS engine oil that meets European ACEA C3 and ACEA C2 specifications as well as API SN. Its unique formulation gives it the protection of an ACEA C3 oil with the fuel savings of an ACEA C2 oil. It may also be used where fuel economy, long life grades such as ACEA A5/B5 is needed and where petrol grades API SN, API SM or API SL and ILSAC grades GF-4 or GF-5 fuel economy specifications are required.

Enviro+ C3 5W-30 is Mercedes-Benz approved to MB-Approval 229.52 and can be used where BMW Longlife’04, GMV 16177, Chrysler MS-11106 and Ford M2C946-A is required. It can be used in both Petrol and Diesel engines and is compatible with after treatment systems such as DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters), GPFs (Gasoline Particle Filters) and is safe for modern catalysts on petrol or diesel engines.

Penrite has developed a lubricant that can satisfy the needs of many vehicles, as well as reduce inventory for the trade.

Enviro+ C3 5W-30 is available in pack sizes from 1 litre to 205 litres, including in the innovative and environmentally friendly 20 litre Enviro-Box.

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