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Expansion, Acquisition and Recognition for Injectronics

Melbourne-based Injectronics has had a solid start to 2022 with a new office opening in Auckland, the acquisition of the hybrid battery re-build company and industry recognition at the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association Awards.

Injectronics is a preferred repairer of electronic and mechatronic components in Australasia and, under the broader GUD umbrella, sits alongside well-respected brands such as Narva, Ryco and AA Gasket.

The expansion with the new Auckland office, officially opened in March 2022, provides their growing customers base with local access to a wide range of repair and remanufactured solutions, plus leading technical support service and in-time their growing range of hybrid battery technology.

Executive General Manager of IM Group, Gino Ricciuti says the company is excited by the opportunities that exist through expansion to New Zealand.

“Having a local facility in New Zealand means we can develop our capabilities and give customers faster turnaround times.”

This came off the back of April 1st acquisition of Hybrid Battery Rebuild (HBR), adding the technology and assets of HBR to the established Injectronics hybrid program, expanding capabilities and product offerings in this fast-growing space in terms of being able to test, service and re-build, as well as being able to supply new aftermarket batteries.

Injectronics’ hybrid battery replacements are market leaders offering remanufactured and new battery solutions. Many clients question their options – is new from the OEM the only option? Injectronics now provides not only cost effective but environmentally focused solutions, with remanufactured and new aftermarket batteries available.

Last year, it was estimated that 16,000 hybrid batteries in Australia needed replacing. With the increasing interest and addition of hybrid/electric vehicles to our roads, that is tipped to climb to more than 23,000 come 2024.

Injectronics is able to support workshop customers with options including remanufactured and will shortly introduce its new aftermarket battery that is suitable for a growing number of cars, alongside the remanufactured solutions.

“We’re releasing a new aftermarket battery that is a direct fit, and for some customers provide a better option. For high use vehicles, like rideshare or taxis that put on high numbers of kilometres, this provides another option that could prove more cost effective in the long run, particularly when there is going to be a Imore regular turnover of the batteries than in a normal passenger vehicle.”

The remanufactured system implemented by Injectronics is a first of its kind in Australia and fully backed by the federal government.

Injectronics was also recognised among the Automotive Aftermarket industry, picking up the award for the Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product (Electrical) at this year’s Automotive Aftermarket Exhibition.

“With the latest acquisition, expansion into New Zealand and recognition of this important product range, Injectronics and IM Group are an industry leader in the hybrid battery market,” concluded Ricciuti.

“We’re really excited about how we can service our workshop and distribution partners and how they can then service their clients in a more efficient way and assemblywith more knowledge as the growth of hybrid and electric powered vehicles grows.

“To receive recognition for the innovation that we’ve applied to our processes validates our position in the market.”

In addition to hybrid battery supplies and refurbishment, Injectronics services a range of transportation forms including rail, marine and heavy industrial.

Technology such as the unique ‘Virtual Automotive Simulator’ provides pin-by-pin testing and program checking. Designed by Injectronics in-house engineers in Melbourne, this technology enables Injectronics to test auto components, while maintaining the vehicle’s original coding, security and programming information.

For more information on Injectronics and its services, visit the website at

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