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Pre-lubricated, pre-assembled and pre-positioned FAG SmartSET wheel bearing kits from Schaeffler reduce running costs.

Pre-lubricated, pre-assembled and pre-positioned FAG SmartSET wheel bearing sets for trailers as well as commercial trucks offer a complete solution to easy installation, longer service life and operating cost reduction.

Specially developed for the independent aftermarket the FAG SmartSET from Schaeffler is ideally suited to all types of trailer, truck and bus axle applications using standard tapered roller bearings. The core elements of the advanced new repair solution consist of two pre-assembled wheel bearing units, each consisting of tapered roller bearings in an innovative cage design with retaining elements and specially coated inner and outer rings. This special coating significantly protects the bearing from corrosion, slip wear and crack formation.

A support sleeve pre-positions the tapered roller bearings so that rotating the wheel to adjust the bearings is no longer necessary. The FAG SmartSET is pre-lubricated, which ensures that garage professionals always have the right amount and correctly specified-type of grease. In addition to all this, a permanent dust cover prevents dirt ingress from contaminating the grease.

As a complete set that includes a pressing tool, this new solution means a fast, clean, and efficient repair process that minimizes the sources for mistakes and creates cost benefits in fitting time and longer life.

Worn Wheel Hubs

Worn wheel hubs are the result of the bearing and the outer race turning in the hub due to incorrect fit or excessive load on the inner race (fretting corrosion) and can be remedied by checking the condition of the hub and surrounding components before installation and replacing the hub and bearing.

Oil Leaking

Oil leaking from the wheel hub occurs when the rotary shaft seal is damaged due to incorrect installation causing damage to the shaft seal allowing grease to be washed out with resultant increased wear on the running surfaces.

Premature Wheel Bearing Failure

Premature wheel bearing failure can be caused when excessive torque is applied allowing the bearing to overheat due to lack of lubrication. Schaeffler advises that the correct torque specifications can be sourced via the advanced RepXPERT portal.

Wheel Bearing Malfunction

Wheel bearing malfunction is caused by increased axial clearance or when the bearing is not secured or clamped correctly, resulting in high torque and axial loading on the inner bearing, forcing the tapered rollers out and seizing. As the damage in this situation worsens, elevated temperature cause the grease to leak out and the base oil to evaporation.

Inadequate Lubrication And Contamination

Inadequate lubrication and contamination through the ingress of dirt can cause early failure which is often caused as a result of a dirty working environment, insufficient or incorrect additives in the lubricant used. This will result in indentations in the rollers and raceways causing vibrations, excessive wear, overheating and total failure of the bearing with likely damage to the hub.

 Excessive Preload Overload

Excessive preload overload is caused by high loading on the bearing, misalignment and concentrated localised stress. With temperatures exceeding 200 C the bearing components can become distorted and the resistance of the material and lubricant compromised causing early failure. This can be avoided by checking the preload to reduce bearing temperature, avoiding overload and using the correct torque specifications.

There are additional benefits from the new SmartSET repair solution is when repairing brakes. While standard tapered roller bearings fall apart when the wheel hub is removed, the FAG SmartSET stays intact as a unit within the hub. Typical time-consuming tasks, like cleaning and then lubricating the hub or replacing the shaft sealing ring, are no longer required. Compared to the repair of standard tapered roller bearings, this solution allows garage professionals to save up to two hours per axle depending on the vehicle model.

Different versions of the FAG SmartSET are available covering numerous models of major trailer, truck, bus and axle manufacturers. For this new complete solution, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket has an installation video and a technical brochure available.

Talk to your local Schaeffler FAG distributor For more information check the garage portal REPXPERT
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