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Penrite Oil Fast as Lightning

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Penrite Oil Company cleans up with the iconic Lightning brand.

Lightning has remained a staple of the automotive landscape since 1961, with iconic red, orange and yellow tins gracing the floors of workshops around the country. Proudly developed and manufactured in Australia, Lightning supplies an extensive range of premium cleaners, cutting fluids, solvents, degreasers and polishes with near endless ability on a multitude of surfaces.

Located in Altona in the Western Suburbs of Victoria, Lightning has developed a reputation for being the go-to hand cleaning brand for decades and has built up a huge following across Australian workshops. Lightning continues to blend using the highest quality ingredients, producing both petroleum- and non-petroleum-based hand cleaners and other products to service all industries whatever the task at hand. Without a doubt, the most prominent nd recognised product is Jell, widely known as the Original Pink Jell. It’s an extra-heavy duty, petroleum-based hand cleaner containing lanolin, that swiftly removes all types of hard, industrial soils. With a proprietary blend of soaps, surfactants, conditioners and citrus oil, Jell can remove tar, silicone, paint, carbon and most previously thought-to-be impossible to remove soils, without the need for water. Simply apply Jell to your hands and wipe off with a rag.

For greater cleaning power, Scrubber tackles tough oils, greases, inks, dyes and resins with the inclusion of a micro-abrasive (pumice). The addition of lanolin and emollients help keep hands smooth and moisturised.

The range has grown over time to include Tuff, a biodegradable water-based and non-flammable degreaser, and Flash Wash, a non-phosphate vehicle wash with included rust inhibitors and a specialty fluoropolymer that prevents debris reattaching to the surface.

Many items in the range include Lightning’s signature ingredient, d-Limonene. This powerful and highly refined citrus oil is not found in many other citrus based cleaners due to the high cost. Its unique ability to break down the most resilient of residues has ensured it sets Lightning products apart on the retail market in terms of cleaning performance.

What may come as a surprise to many is that in November this year, another icon of the Australian manufacturing landscape, Penrite Oil Company, purchased the Lightning brand. Established in 1926, Penrite Oil is Australia’s trusted oil company and continues to be 100 per cent Australian family owned. Penrite is committed to the ongoing research, development and manufacturing of Australian made and owned products including the newly acquired Lightning brand of products. Together, Lightning and Penrite Oil remain committed to innovation and will continue to blend Lightning products right here in Australia.

To speak to your Penrite representative  call Penrite on 1300 736 748
To find out more about the extensive range of premium Lightning products, visit http://lightningcleans.com.au

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