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Ryco is proud to announce the lauch of O2Rush, a new range of O2Rush Performance Air Filters.

RYCO Filters, Australia’s most respected automotive filtration company, has lived and breathed their philosophy of delivering genuine performance based on efficiency, life and flow.

Until now, their definition of ‘Genuine Performance’ was to meet or exceed OE specifications, but with the launch of their range of O2Rush air filters the focus is purely on increasing horsepower!

“We’re excited about the launch of our new performance range,” said Jeff Turner, Product Manager. “This represents a new chapter for RYCO and we’re confident that our new range of O2Rush foam performance air filters will quickly gain traction with automotive enthusiasts who appreciate extra performance from a brand they know and trust.”

The O2Rush range includes pod, panel and radial filters, all designed to increase not only performance, but also improve engine protection.

To achieve these goals the team at RYCO invested heavily in research and development; the result was an innovative new polyurethane foam media, featuring expanded open cell technology.

“All filters in the Ryco O2Rush Performance Air Filters are made from preconditioned expanded open cell polyurethane foam to deliver greater air flow and increase power in performance engines,” Mr Turner said.

“Our specifically formulated foam conditioning treatment evenly coats the open cell structure to create surface tension that traps more dust particles without compromising flow. It also makes the filters washable and reusable.”

The homogenous open cell structure design features 45 cells per square centimeter, while the media in standard foam filters have60 cells per square centimeter, which of course is much more restrictive.

The back-to-back dyno test was run on a BF Falcon XR6 Turbo at an Ambient Temperature of 13°C, with the Ryco A3000RP Pod Filter delivering an increase of 11kW over the popular aftermarket alternative.

The O2Rush A1575RP Panel Filter also exceeds expectations in the same test delivering a 3kW increase -over the aftermarket filter and a 9kW increase when compared with the standard filter.

“In addition, lab tests have shown that the popular aftermarket alternate allows15% more dust into the engine while our filters also hold 70 per cent more dust than the competitor before they need cleaning,” added Mr Turner. “Proving, without a doubt that our new range of O2Rush filters deliver both improved performance and protection.” Recommended filter cleaning interval for all O2Rush filters is 15,000km or 12 months whichever comes first and Ryco has released a Cleaning and Conditioning Kit to compliment the range.

There is little doubt that the O2Rush range will quickly become the first choice for performance enthusiasts who appreciate not only increased performance, but also improved engine protection.

Designed to perform in tough conditions, Ryco Performance filters are at home, on the track, at the strip or on the street.

To find out more about the RYCO O2Rush range, point your browser at www.rycohighperformance.com.au and ‘Feel The Rush!’

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