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Fire-Retardant Air Filter Range

Fire-retardant air filters are fast becoming a must have in fire prone environments.

The need to prevent potentially flammable air filters from igniting after or during contact with hot embers, sparks or cigarette butts that may have been sucked in through the air intake during bush fire events is an ever increasingly concern.

The utilisation of fire-retardant air filters inhibit combustion when exposed to embers, sparks or fire. When the media is exposed to a flame the media will self-extinguish on removal of the flame, blackening the media but unable to sustain ignition or smouldering. The special media is impregnated with non-toxic fire-retardant resin to reduce the ability of the media to support combustion.

RYCO Filters produce a range of vehicle fire-retardant Air Filters and N99 Cabin Air filters that have all been tested to and comply with international test standard DIN 53538, Class F1. RYCO Filters provide high efficiency air filtration that does not compromise flow or dust holding capacity ratings, whilst the N99 MicroShield range provides the added benefit of a medical grade media that not only protects against hot embers, sparks and butts, however, is also the perfect choice for removing viruses, bacteria, dust, allergens, road pollution, smoke and both mould spores and mycotoxins from the air before it enters the vehicle cabin.

The RYCO Fire Retardant Filters are ideal for a range of support vehicles where there is a risk of exposure to ignition sources in bush fire zones.

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