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Flashlube wins AAAA “Most Innovative New Product”

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Flashlube were honoured to receive the Australian Auto Aftermarket Award for Most Innovative New Product for their Catch Can Pro at this year’s awards ceremony.
The awards, which are held every two years as part of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Exhibition, honour the most innovative products released within the past 24 months and are judged by a panel of experts from within the automotive industry, as well as representatives from relevant tertiary and professional associations.
Having won the award in the Lubricants & Additives category at the 2015 ceremony for their E2 Electronic Valve Saver Kit, Flashlube saw another win this year with their Catch Can Pro, which edged out a range of competitor nominations, including electrical and suspension products to be awarded the overall most innovative product in the Parts category, acknowledging the capabilities of the design to assist in minimising damage that stems from running a sensitive common-rail diesel engine.
Flashlube’s Catch Can Pro was designed as a response to environmental laws that prevent modern engines from releasing oil mist or engine blow by into the atmosphere, recirculating it back into the combustion chamber instead. Left alone, this process can lead to the build-up of a hard carbon substance which gradually forms around the walls of the vehicles EGR valve and inlet manifold and coats the intercooler in oil, commonly causing a severe loss of power and efficiency, and potentially expensive engine damage.
The Catch Can Pro effectively filters out and collects these combustion fumes via blow-by or condensation before it has the chance to reach and cause damage to engine components such as the EGR, delivering cleaner air to the engine, reducing carbon build up in the inlet manifold, preventing intercooler contamination and slowing the corrosion of turbo bearings.
Recognised for its compact size, large inlet and outlet ports and high grade reinforced polymer body (the same material used for most plastic parts in an engine compartment), the Catch Can Pro impressed the judges as the only design on the market to feature both pressure relief and vacuum relief safety valves, ensuring that installation of the unit won’t over-pressurise the engine, as well as its replaceable filter element and ability to handle a fuel flow of 250 litres per minute – well in excess of the 100 that it was designed for.
Recently developed vehicle specific fitting kits, designed for assisting with the correct installation of the Flashlube Catch Can Pro unit, were also included in the judging of the award. These kits, which come complete with the Catch Can Pro unit, also include any necessary vehicle specific parts for fitting, such as hose clamps and brackets, as well as OE manufactured, design protected hoses, which have been researched and designed by Flashlube’s team to be moulded to fit around the existing engine bay components of specific vehicle models.
After only a year on the market, the Flashlube Catch Can Pro has seen phenomenal success and the recognition that comes with the Australian Auto Aftermarket Innovation Award ensures that the coming 12 months are set to see the product continue on its trailblazing path both in Australia and 80 countries abroad.
For more information on the Catch Can Pro, visit flashlube.com/products

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