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Fleet Work With Ampolcard

by Digital Mayne Media

Ampol partners with AutoGuru to manage Australia’s largest fuel card service and repair program.

AutoGuru, Australia’s No.1 booking site for automotive servicing and repairs, has partnered with Ampol to help thousands of Auto Repairers process fleet work via AmpolCard. AmpolCard, which will be replacing StarCard over the next two years, is known for giving Australian businesses access to the country’s largest petrol and convenience network of more than 1,900 sites. They also provide access to exclusive savings through partnerships with local companies. There are currently over one million StarCard holders in Australia, which will become AmpolCard holders once the transition is complete. This new partnership with AutoGuru expands the AmpolCard service and repair network to 5,000 auto repairers with hundreds of workshops continuing to sign up. Eden Shirley, AutoGuru’s CEO said “We are super excited about this partnership. Ampol is an iconic Australian brand and a market leader in the fuel cards, and we are so pleased to support our workshops to process AmpolCard fleet work along with some of Australia’s best known automotive brands”.

The first phase of the partnership enables approved service providers to submit Ampol fleet work for authorisation online via AutoGuru’s Member Portal, or call Ampol’s maintenance approval phone line which AutoGuru now manages. The second phase of the partnership will integrate AmpolCard as a payment option into AutoGuru so card holders can book servicing and repairs online at their convenience. Of the 5,000 repairers already signed up, roughly 40 per cent are OEM Dealers and 60 per cent are aftermarket with half of these being independent. Authorised AmpolCard holders simply show their AmpolCard or StarCard at any approved repairers to access a fleet discount. “This partnership aligns with our mission to enable auto repairers to transact seamlessly with customers online,” Shirley continues. “What we’ve built for Ampol is an industry first that enables workshops to submit fleet work online and get authorised and paid faster”. “Built leveraging AutoGuru’s dynamic quoting technology, our new fleet software utilises manufacturer repair times and OEM and aftermarket parts pricing to deliver a data driven method of quoting and authorising fleet work online. My goal within six months is to automate 60 per cent of maintenance pre-auth processes to deliver faster approvals and payment for auto service providers,” says Shirley. AutoGuru continues to be at the forefront of digital innovation, most recently claiming its third successive inclusion in the Australian Financial Review’s BOSS Most Innovative Companies Awards for their recent expansion of mobility services in 2020. “COVID has accelerated the uptake of online commerce and digital payments and every company and brand is now adapting to a digitally led future,” says Shirley. “We’re here to ensure auto businesses have access to the solutions and the tech needed to thrive in this future. Any auto service provider that’s interested in processing AmpolCard fleet bookings can do so without becoming a member of AutoGuru.
To find out more about AmpolCard servicing and repairs powered by AutoGuru, contact 1300 656 014 or email [email protected]

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