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Ford Ranger Overhaul Kit

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Drivetech 4×4 – Building the Ultimate Ford Ranger.

Synonymous with quality and known for reliable, cost effective replacement parts and accessories, Drivetech 4×4 continues the rapid growth it has achieved since launching into the 4WD industry in 2009. What set Drivetech 4×4 aside from others in the market is their range, product currency and unique program of packaged overhaul kits.

Drivetech 4×4’s extensive and ever expanding range occupies a unique position In the market as it covers both hard parts and accessories for a wide variety of vehicles in the Australian and New Zealand car parks. Its range is rapidly growing to meet the current and future requirements of the 4×4 industry.

The overhaul kit program has seen the team at Moto specs source all the required components for specific overhauls and package them together in very tidy and well-presented kits. A significant amount of time has been invested in sourcing components from various countries and suppliers, saving the end user from having to do so.

The Drivetech 4×4 range is separated into six categories including accessories; brake and clutch; drive train; engine, body and electrical; filtration; and steering and suspension. All Drivetech 4×4 parts,  components and kits are sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers resulting in parts that are of the same or better quality as the original equipment and available at a fraction of the price.

To showcase the extensive range of parts and accessories available, Drivetech 4×4 are in the midst of building up the ultimate Ford Ranger.

Already Installed On The Vehicle To Date

Drivetech 4×4 Bumper by Rival Made from high quality 6mm alloy to provide excellent strength and protection without the disadvantage of a heavy steel bar, the Drivetech 4×4 Bumpers by Rival are designed to ensure easy installation as a full replacement for the OE bumper. Developed in partnership with Russian manufacturer Rival 4×4, these Bumpers are built to high quality standards and comply with ADR69 and air bag compatibility standards.

Drivetech 4×4 Underbody Armour by Rival Also manufactured in partnership with Rival using a high quality, deep stamped 6mm alloy plate, these kits offer a lightweight and high strength solution that delivers significant weight and anti-corrosion benefits over traditional steel plates. With innovative stiffening ribs they provide twice the durability of flat skid plates. They are designed to be installed using existing vehicle bolt holes, with no need for drilling.


Made from a UV stable ABS plastic these flares come in a matte black finish. Kits include clear instructions and everything you need for easy installation. You can put them straight on as is, or easily have them painted in your body colour. Simple and easy to fit with high quality 3M double sided tape, each kit also comes with speed clips and screws to secure them to your vehicle without any drilling required.

The Drivetech 4×4 Ranger has been fitted with the Offroad Design Flare with a tough bolt-on look to increase the stance of the 4WD, but the flares are also available in an OE Design with a sleek smooth appearance that represents a factory style look, whilst allowing for a wider tyre and wheel combination.

Enduro Pro Remote Reservoir Shocks With multi-stage valving, height adjustable spring seat struts, stainless steel braided line to reservoir, triple O-ring swivel connector, heavy duty rubber bushes, 20mm chrome piston rod and a 46mm diameter piston the Drivetech 4×4 Enduro Pro remote reservoir monotube shocks perform even better than they look. The remote reservoir provides excellent heat dissipation to improve shock performance whilst allowing for extra shock travel when offroad.

Enduro Suspension Lift Kit

Drivetech 4×4 Enduro Suspension Lift Kits are engineered for ultimate suspension performance. They contain everything needed to successfully raise 4WDs for increased on road comfort, and offroad performance. Available in heavy duty and extra heavy duty, they include Enduro shock absorbers and struts with Australian made coil springs, greasable shackles and pins, and polyurethane bushes.

Tailgate Assist Kits

Using high quality German gas struts, these precision designed kits make light work of lowering heavy tailgates to ensure safe operation and slow opening. Each kit is vehicle specific and includes everything needed for a successful (no drill) installation. Drivetech 4×4 have a handy before and after demonstration video that highlights the benefits of installing this kit on their YouTube channel.

Bonnet Strut Kits are also available within the range for a variety of vehicles, but the Ranger already has gas struts under the bonnet, so they were not necessary for this fit out.

Next To Be Added To The Ranger…

Driving Lights

Spoiled for choice within their LED light bar and driving light range, Drivetech 4×4 have decided to go with a set of the 9” Driving Lights for the front of the Ranger. Both the Spot Beam and Combination Beam lights have 24 x 5W CREE LED’s and an innovative polycarbonate lens. Whilst the Spot Beam provides excellent distance for long, straight, country style driving, the Combination Beam provides the spread of the flood beams and four spot beams in the centre to ensure all areas of vision are covered.


As distributors of the Safari Snorkel range, Drivetech 4×4 are able to offer snorkels that are thoroughly researched, tested and tooled for each unique model of popular 4WD in Australia. Manufactured to the highest standards in durable, UV stable, cross-linked polyethylene material they deliver a continuous and cooler supply of air for maximum engine performance. They are also positively sealed in order to provide the engine with the ultimate in protection during river crossings and dusty desert driving conditions.

Catch Can Kit

Drivetech 4×4 aftermarket vehicle specific Catch Can Kits are designed for separating oil and preventing contamination of diesel engine induction systems. The kits include the ProVent® separator, stainless steel mounting bracket, the pressure control valve, pressure relief / bypass valve, all components and instructions required for installation. The range includes vehicle specific kits, universal kits and replacement elements. In some models, such as the Ranger, the Catch Can Mounting bracket can also be used in the mounting of the Fuel Manager Kit.

Fuel Manager Kit

Drivetech 4×4 Fuel Manager protects vital diesel injection components from water, humidity, acids and other contaminants before damage occurs. These kits are easily installed into the engine bay without having to modify any existing vehicle components. With multiple inlet and outlet ports, this dynamic design allows flexibility during installation.


New to the Drivetech 4×4 Range are two powerful dual speed winches. Rated at 9,500lb and 12,000lb, both of these winches have an IP67 waterproof rating, low noise level (< 95dB), a 2-in-1 wireless remote, over current protection and have passed strict quality controls and durability testing. They also feature a 2-speed gearbox for maximum strength and quick line retrieval.

Time To Hit The Tracks

With the fit out finished, the Ranger will be loaded up with accessories from the Drivetech 4×4 range that will help it perform as well off road as on road. Starting with an ArkPak 730 Power Pak, a Mammoth Recovery Kit, Kinetic Recovery Rope, Air Compressor Kit, High Lift Jack and Recovery Points, it will also be fitted out with a Drivetech 4×4 Awning, Mesh Tent Kit and Awning Tent to keep the team comfy outdoors.

With the extensive offer of hard parts and accessories, Drivetech 4×4 has been more than enthusiastically received by the market. On the back of this success, Drivetech 4×4 has developed an Authorised Stockist network which has ensured the range is available from specialist 4WD parts resellers across Australia and New Zealand.

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