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Ford Ranger takes crown as top Aussie car 2023

Ford Ranger Australia buy

Australian car sales figures set a major standard in 2023, smashing previous record to hit the 1.2 million mark.

Figures from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) reveal 1,261,780 new cars were purchased by Aussies in 2023. This eclipses the previous record – set in 2017 – of 1,189,116.

“This extraordinary result is a testament to the adaptability and resilience of both industry players and consumers alike,” FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said.
“Despite the supply chain disruptions faced in recent times, consumers now have greater access to a broad range of choices, fostering increased accessibility in the market.”

Ranger reigns supreme

The Ford Ranger took the crown as most sold car in Australia last year.
Ford sold 63,356 Rangers to beat out 2022 top selling Toyota Hi-Lux (60,565).

Toyota still managed to be the top selling brand of 2023 by a thorough margin, selling 215,240 vehicles overall.

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EVs and hybrids took another massive jump in popularity in 2023. Electric vehicles took up 7.2 per cent of total sales, while hybrids accounted for 16.2 per cent.
Tesla was the major seller of EVs in Australia, with 46,116 sold – up from 19,594 in 2022.

“As we look ahead to 2024, the FCAI is optimistic that the Federal Government will act and introduce a Fuel Efficiency Standard that achieves the policy outcomes that lead to emission reductions while enabling Australians to drive the vehicles that they need and want,” Weber said.
“Availability and affordability of products across all market segments will be the key to a successful Fuel Efficiency Standard.
“For more than a decade, the FCAI has been encouraging Governments to introduce a Fuel Efficiency Standard.  Now we have the process underway it’s critical that the Federal government takes time the to get it right. That is essential for environmental outcomes and for consumers.”

Top car sales December 2023:

  1. Ranger, Ford: 7,767
  2. Hi-Lux, Toyota: 5,143
  3. D-Max, Isuzu Ute: 2,833
  4. Prado, Toyota: 2,475
  5. Landcruiser, Toyota: 2,394
  6. RAV4, Toyota: 2,192
  7. Corolla, Toyota: 1,888
  8. Outlander, Mitsubishi: 1,882
  9. Sportage, Kia: 1,546
  10. ZS, MG: 1,522

Top car brand sales 2023:

  1. Toyota: 215,240
  2. Mazda: 100,008
  3. Ford: 87,800
  4. Kia: 76,120
  5. Hyundai: 75,120
  6. Mitsubishi: 63,511
  7. MG: 58,346
  8. Tesla: 46,116
  9. Subaru: 46,114
  10. Isuzu Ute: 45,341
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