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Foxwell GT90 – Workshop Scan Tool

Foxwell’s top of the line GT90 scan tool continues to improve and cement its place as a staple in many automotive workshops.

With so many players in the light scan tool diagnostics game, and everybody promising that their scan tool is the best, what is Foxwell and Endeavour Tools doing to stay at the top of this ever-evolving industry?

With several dedicated technical staff and over 80 combined years of experience, the professional knowledge is there to assist you getting the most from your tool.

Australia is a small market with a vast array of makes and models available. This is a unique challenge for any global manufacture, but also a key reason for Foxwell’s success, having proven their value by consistently developing features, functions and car parc compatibility right here. From our vehicles and their user’s feedback.

Recent patch fixes include Hyundai (Inc EV) up to 2021, Chinese vehicles up to 2021 (Haval, Great Wall, LDV, MG) and Citroen/Peugeot coverage up to 2021.

With so many workshop programs requiring a Windows operating system and only more to come with ‘Right to Repair’ laws around the corner, the Foxwell GT90 comes on a refurbished Panasonic Toughpad, meaning there’s no need for two computers.

The cost of scan tools can get confusing. It also gets expensive when you need to pay updates in excess of $1,000 after one year of ownership. Foxwell is working hard to keep the functionality high at a reasonably cost, that’s why you don’t need to worry about additional costs for three years.

This ensures Foxwell stays at the top of their game, but it doesn’t finish there either. They can pair the GT90 with a Haynes Pro subscription is you need access to wiring diagrams, repair procedures or TSB’s (ask about a FREE 1-month trial). Are you wanting to perform J2534 programming? The GT90 pairs seamlessly with a DrewTech CarDaq Plus III. There’s also plug and play European made Oscilloscopes in Ditex.

Combine all of the above and you have Australia’s most supported and fastest developing tool for the vehicles that matter – the ones driving on our roads. With an average of more than 20 updates a month and new people joining the Foxwell family every day it’s clear to see there’s only one direction things are heading.

Available from all leading tool retailers. To arrange a remote demonstration contact Endeavour Tools on (03) 9753 3800.

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