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Fuchs Continues To Focus On The Future

Despite the current level of global uncertainty, FUCHS Lubricants Australasia’s has remained focused on the future and is ready to meet the needs of customers once the various Covid-19 restrictions across Australia and New Zealand have been lifted.

A long with working with its global operations to improve its product offering, Fuchs has been pushing on with the safe manufacturing of products at the company’s cutting-edge manufacturing facilities located in Victoria and New South Wales.

In addition, Fuchs has had the complex task of integrating the acquisition of the famous well-respected Nulon brand within its local operations.

However, according to Fuchs Lubricants Australasia’s Managing Director Wayne Hoiles, these activities have not only been handled correctly and effectively but will ultimately strengthen Fuchs’ local offering.

“Although we’ve all been experiencing a period of uncertainty, Fuchs has kept staff employed in order to stay focused on completing a variety of activities whilst maintaining supply to our customers in those industries in which they participate in.”

And with Fuchs’ business model based upon working closely with customers whilst benefitting from local manufacturing, Fuchs has also spent the last couple of months increasing the product and industry knowledge of its associates.

One such example has been Fuchs’ usage of the latest ‘contactless’ technologies to carry out numerous online training sessions for its associates across Australia and New Zealand.

And with more than 100,000 customers in industries ranging from automotive, mining, industrial, agriculture, forestry and power generation, Fuchs is not only maintaining the safe production of lubricants, coolants and greases but is also working hard to ensure its product range continues to meet the needs of the Australasian market.

“Along with our production facilities in Melbourne and Newcastle running at full capacity, our product and marketing teams have been extremely busy working on the development of new offerings which will certainly benefit our customers.”

As a lubricant manufacturer, FUCHS stands for performance, sustainability, safety, reliability and efficiency.

FUCHS boldly stands by its promise of “Technology That Pays Back”.

For more information call 1800 1800 13 or visit www.fuchs.com.au
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