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FUCHS – Specialty Fluids Go Mainstream

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FUCHS Lubricants Introduces World Renowned PENTOSIN.  FUCHS Lubricants are pleased to welcome PENTOSIN to the FUCHS family. Through the acquisition of the esteemed brand, FUCHS now has a local portfolio of key PENTOSIN products.

PENTOSIN is a world renowned supplier of specialty fluids, favored by many of the European OEMs, and their products appear in applications that require the highest possible performance and quality standards.

The PENTOSIN range of specialty fluids service many different areas of the vehicle, such as centralized hydraulics systems, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic power steering, through to gearbox lubricant and or actuation systems for high performance manual and DSG transmissions.

By making available the PENTOSIN product program locally, FUCHS Australasia is assisting its customers to meet the ever evolving and growing range of specialty lubricants required in the market.


Super High Performance Power Steering Fluid approved by Mercedes-Benz for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

  • Very good ageing and oxidation stability in power steering systems
  • Successful suppression of foaming prevents from cavitations

PENTOSIN CHF 11S – Part No. 4785

Premium Performance power steering and central Hydraulic Oil with a wide application and approval profile for various manufacturers.

  • Adjusted viscosity-temperature patterns
  • One-of-a-kind and exclusive performance and approvals profile

PENTOSIN CHF 202 – Part No. 4788

Premium Performance power steering and central Hydraulic Oil with a wide application and approval profile for various manufacturers.

  • Adapted viscosity-temperature patterns – it ensures the optimum supply of oil to the system
  • Excellent non-ferrous heavy metal and electronic control circuit component compatibility

PENTOSIN LHM+ Part No. 4787

Ultra High Performance Central Hydraulic Oil for use in the comfort and safety area of PSA vehicles.

  • Especially aligned with the specifications of Peugeot and Citroën central hydraulics systems
  • Ideal for use in a vast temperature range
  • Officially approved by PSA


Premium Performance DCTF with XTL-Technology for ultimate friction stability and best fuel economy properties. Specially developed for the wet clutch of the DL382 (0CK) transmission of VW Group.

  • Friction characteristics specially designed to meet the requirements of VW group dual clutch design– this offers best shift performance
  • Extreme friction stability which secures optimal shifting performance over the complete oil drain interval
  • Only approved product according to VW TL 52529-C

PENTOSIN FFL-2 – Part No. 4824

A special transmission oil developed exclusively for use as the primary operations lubricant in VW Group dual-clutch transmissions.

  • Friction value parameters specifically aligned with VW Group dual-clutch transmissions – results in optimum shifting patterns
  • Excellent friction stability

PENTOSIN FFL-3 – Part No. 4792

Premium Performance DCTF. Specially developed for ZF/Porsche Double Clutch Transmission with wet clutch.

  • The friction value characteristics are specifically matched with ZF dual-clutch transmission systems ZF. The result: optimum shifting performance even under maximum stress and taxing sporty driving demands
  • Combines best wear and tear prevention with excellent friction stability

PENTOSIN FFL-4 – Part No. 4793

Premium Performance DCTF. Specially developed for GETRAG/BMW Double Clutch Transmission with wet clutch

  • Friction value characteristics specifically aligned with GETRAG dual-clutch transmissions – yields fastest possible shifting processes even under extremely taxing conditions and during sporty drives.
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For more product information regarding the FUCHS PENTOSIN range visit www.fuchs.com.au

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