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GARRETT – Advancing Motion International Drifting Cup

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A few months back, in October, saw Sydney Motorsport Park come alive with tens of thousands of motorsport fans coming out to witness the high speed, spectacular that was the Garrett – Advancing Motion International Drifting Cup at the 2019 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge.

These two events sat beautifully side by side with the days being held to run the World Time Attack and the late afternoon and evenings being used to run the International Drifting Cup. The union of these two events made for a truly spectacular day and night event for those diehard motorsport fans that can’t get enough. As a wise man who loves motorsport once said: “too much of a good thing is an even better thing.”

Garrett – Advancing Motion International Drifting Cup

As the sun drifted to the west and the shadows stretched out in the late afternoon, excitement levels took a heartracing spike, as the first of the 40 drift competitors from five countries took to the new drift track at Sydney Motorsport Park.

There is just something extraordinary about drift racing, between the nitrousfed engines and the squealing of burning rubber. I think it’s every motorsport enthusiast’s dream to have this level of control and talent as these Australian and international competitors.

With 40 competitors in the mix for the 2019 event which took place on the SMSP South Circuit, the move turned out to be an excellent decision for both drivers and fans – with the hill for spectators providing brilliant views of the event with even closer positions for fans.

For drivers, this move gave ample opportunity to show their skills and aggression in the chase winding up the hill.

As the afternoon turn into dusk, and the skies went from orange to red, the lights came on to provide a spectacular show for all in attendance as drivers pushed their skills and vehicles until the 40 had turned into 16, then 8, 4 and 2 until ultimately there was only one left on top of the podium. It was local talent Josh Boettcher in the GT Radial S15 who took the honours from the reigning Japanese D1GPO champion Masashi Yokoi, who made an uncharacteristic mistake in the very last battle.

Boettcher had performed extremely consistently throughout all his battles with controlled aggression and pressure on all of his opponents pushing his way to the front of the pack.

Garrett – Advancing Motion has been the name behind this event for several years now, and their support has undoubtedly seen the sport and the event grow to where it is now.

As you walk around the pit area and inspect the engine bays of these powerful and impressive vehicles, it comes as no surprise as to why Garrett – Advancing Motion is the name behind extraordinary events like this. The build quality and R&D that goes into every turbo they produce are massive, with literally many years of design and testing going into every model.

“The G-Series Is What We Call A Clean Sheet, There Isn’t A Single Component That Has Been Used Before In Previous Turbos. It’s A Complete Redesign.”

Performance isn’t the only focus, with durability and reliability being handled in equal measures, it’s no surprise that serious motorsport competitors put their engine and faith in the hands of Garrett – Advancing Motion.

The Event Results Went Down Like This:

  • Aaron Dewar vs Matt Vankirk
  • Matt Harvey vs Michael Bonney
  • Shane Van Gisbergen vs Jordan Graham
  • Masashi Yokoi vs Brodie Maher
  • Warwick Hill vs Matty Hill
  • Nathan Greenhill vs Andy Gray
  • Beau Yates vs Troy Jenkins
  • Danny Probert vs Josh Boettcher

Great 8 Match-Ups

  • Michael Bonney vs Matt Vankirk
  • Shane Van Gisbergen vs Masashi Yokoi
  • Matty Hill vs Andy Gray
  • Josh Boettcher vs Beau Yates

Top 4 Match-Ups

  • Masashi Yokoi vs Michael Bonney
  • Matty Hill vs Josh Boettcher

Final Battle

  • Masashi Yokoi vs Josh Boettcher 3RD/4TH
  • Michael Bonney vs Matty Hill


Winner – Josh Boettcher

Second – Masashi Yokoi

Garrett – Advancing Motion “G-Series” Turbo

With Garrett – Advancing Motion being the naming sponsor for the fourth year in a row, ACM saw it as the perfect opportunity to have a chat with Garrett – Advancing Motions very own Paul Carlsson who was in attendance at the International Drifting Cup. Paul is the Pacific General Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

It was no surprise to find out that the showstopper at the 2019 World Time Attack exhibitor area had been Garrett’s new “G-Series” turbo. Garrett – Advancing Motion simply can’t get enough of these into the country, with those that are here disappearing instantly. The demand for this product has been so high. You only need to see these new models on display beside the previous model to see they are considerably smaller. The fact that they are more powerful is a huge bonus.

When asking Paul what was making this new G-Series such a highly sort after turbo, he shared “the G-Series is what we call a clean sheet, there isn’t a single component that has been used before in previous turbos. It’s a complete redesign. The result is more efficiency out of the turbo, compressor wheels, turbine wheels and makes them considerably more compact. It is resulting in a smaller, lighter, more compact and powerful turbo, creating more space in the engine bay with improved performance.

These are the key reasons why this series has created such an impact.” The G-series has also had a rename change which simplifies the name of the particular turbo based on its performance qualities. So, the extruder size that was previously used in the name has been changed, with the new G-Series using the HP of particular models such as the G25 550hp – G25 600hp, the G30-660, G30- 770. Including the horsepower of each model has simplified the various models for the end-user. When asking Paul about the Garrett – Advancing Motion International Drifting Cup and their involvement as the naming rights sponsor, Paul said: “This is the third or fourth year in a row now we have been involved at this level, and we are so happy to be involved as we see drifting as a huge part of what we do globally at Garrett – Advancing Motion and it’s great to be involved. The weather has put on a great couple of days and to see international competitors from five countries as well as our awesome Australian talent this event is just going to get bigger and bigger each year.”


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