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Garrett Launches Boost Club Line

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Garrett has put the ‘power in powersports’ with the new cost-effective Garrett Boost Club Line turbochargers.

The new Garrett Boost Club Line turbochargers are engineered for small engine displacements including powersports, personal watercraft, and automobiles. These turbochargers feature internally wastegated turbine housings and journal bearing rotating groups. Forged, fully-machined compressor wheels can support from 200 up to 350 horsepower for engine displacements ranging from 0.4L up to 2.5L. From the GBC v’s G Series diagram you can see where this range fits into the horsepower and engine size range to their high-performance G Series range.

There are four GBC turbochargers in different compressor inducer sizes and horsepower ranges from GBC14-200, GBC17-250, GBC20-300 and GBC22-350 with a retail price starting at $982 including GST for the GBC14-200 which represents great value for a quality Garrett turbocharger.

The first two numbers indicate the turbine wheel frame size. The larger the number the larger turbine wheel. The numbers following the dash indicate the peak potential flywheel horsepower rating. Forged, fully-machined compressor wheels with advanced aero are offered in inducer sizes of 34mm, 36mm, 41mm, and 44mm. GBC turbochargers feature an oil cooled centre housing with the latest generation of journal bearing rotating group.

GBC turbochargers are fully assembled with an internally wastegated turbine housing and calibrated with a 0.5 bar actuator. Actuators with higher pressure settings (1.0, 1.5 bar) are available for individual purchase.

Garrett’s technicians calibrate the actuator for optimum performance, eliminating any need for adjustment.

Garrett Boost Club Line is the replacement for small displacement which is a cost-effective range for turbocharging naturally aspirated engines or upgrades on any platform and a great way to start your introduction to turbocharging vehicles.

For more information please visit garrettmotion.com or contact your local Official Garrett Performance Distributor.

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