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The latest ABS data suggests European vehicles are on the rise with double digit growth registrations on last year.

This means more workshops will see euro makes and models coming through as well as more modern start-stop and hybrid control system service work including for Asian stock.

Start-stop technology is now more common in Australian workshops with statistics showing that by 2022 one in three vehicles will have start-stop functions. But with every third car breakdown caused by the battery, checking the battery before it leaves the workshop is now not only good practice for peace of mind and a better customer experience but also very profitable.

For close on a hundred years’ service checks for car batteries were reasonably straight forward, however these days not only is battery selection more specific, but location and fitment can vary significantly chewing up billable workshop service time before you even start.

Latest Technology Information at your finger tips. Enter the VARTA Partner Portal, whether it be a commercial vehicle, a 4WD or the family sedan, they can provide you with a best-in-class online service tool to select and fit the right battery as quickly as possible.

This portal provides fitment guidance through to installation instructions including location of the battery and the approximate replacement time for quotation and price estimation. It’s a simple workshop-friendly tool helping your business run more efficiently and provide your customer the best battery advice. Battery service maintenance is a value add with the VARTA Partner Portal.

Battery selection can be done either by vehicle type, tec doc number or battery code.

Compatible batteries are listed and data sheets available for download.

Once identified, an installation guide immediately identifies the location of the battery and highlights whether the vehicle is start-stop. Each fitment guide addresses the following:
• General Information
• Battery and remote jump start connection locations
• Jump start connections
• Before battery disconnection
• After battery connection

Find, Test, Sell and Fit the leading start-stop brand and get the power to become a Battery Expert.

This market-leading product is designed especially for high-performance, premium Start-Stop vehicles with regenerative braking and other fuel-saving technologies. With this battery fitted, they’ll perform at their peak, time and time again.

That’s because for optimal performance of these advanced vehicle systems, it’s essential to have the right battery technology. Which is why VARTA® partners with leading manufacturers to develop innovative solutions for Start-Stop vehicles. Today, VARTA is the market leader supplying virtually all leading manufacturers with AGM Technology batteries for their original equipment.
• Constructed with advanced Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology
• Perfect for vehicles with advanced technology like regenerative braking
• AGM technology prevents corrosion due to acid stratification
• Highest performance, extreme cycle life and spill-proof
• Electrolyte held in the glass fleece separator exerts a uniformly high contact pressure.

VARTA batteries are available through JAS Oceania – and Burson Auto Parts – and distributed by Federal Batteries.

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