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Glow Plug Issues

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A broken or stuck glow plug can easily escalate and cause more damage. That’s why it is important to use the correct tool for removal.

A glow plug is a heating device used to aid starting diesel engines. In cold weather, high speed diesel engines can be difficult to start because the mass of the cylinder block and cylinder head absorb the heat of compression, preventing ignition, the glow plug is used to compensate for this heat loss. When the glow plugs are tested and found to be faulty, they will require replacement; this is when issues can arise.

The glow plug can become seized in the cylinder head recess thread due to moisture or debris entering the thread.

This can cause the glow plug to break at the body when the plug is removed for replacement or, alternately, the glow plug electrode (Tip) can on occasion swell over time and become stuck in the head and break off when the glow plug is removed, leaving the electrode in the cylinder head.

Multi Voltage Glow Plug Tester Tool – SA-1053

Glow plugs can be tested quickly and accurately, most importantly the glow plug test tool applies a load on the element, whereas a multimeter can show correct continuity but break down when current load is applied, giving an incorrect diagnosis.

When confronted with a broken or stuck glow plug, it is important to use the correct tool for removal, otherwise the issue can easily escalate causing more damage and time to repair.

Glow Plug Impact Removal Gun – SA-1940

This is an air operated gun specifically for the efficient removal of glow plugs without binding in the alloy thread in cylinder head recess.

This tool supplies a rapid high speed low impact hammering action combined with a vibration effect which will slowly remove the glow plug without seizing in cylinder head.

Govoni Universal Glow Plug Removal Kit – Go470

The pre-heating glow plug used in diesel engines can often get stuck (seized) inside the engine head recess due to residues caused by the combustion process.

In these cases, the glow plug will break when you try to remove it; consequently, you would normally need to disassemble the head in order to remove it. This job can require time and high costs. This tool is designed for the extraction of broken or stuck glow plugs and allows you to carry out rapid and efficient extraction steps to remove the damaged glow plug and clean up the thread in order to fit the new glow plug in a professional manner without removal of the cylinder head. Any attempt to rectify this should be done with correct method and tooling or otherwise the issues can easily escalate.

Govoni Universal Broken Glow Plug Electrode Removal Kit – G311188000

When extracting glow plugs, the glow plug tip (Electrode) can at times be seized in the electrode bore, this will often break at the point of the body and remain stuck in the cylinder head.

The broken glow plug tips can be easily extracted with the help of this tool. The set of tools contains all of the tools needed to accurately tap resilient threading into the end of the glow plug. Afterwards the glow plug tip will be extracted with the help of the extraction rod and a striking hammer.

The drill will be guided precisely using the glow plug threading in the cylinder head. This will avoid any damage to the cylinder head. This set can be used with any current diesel motors using threading sizes: M8x1, M9x1, M10x1 and M10x1.25.

Dummy Injector Air Blowing Adaptor – Go510

This tool is used for blowing air into the cylinder during broken glow plug repair operations, used in conjunction with the broken glow plug repair and reaming tools.

It is simply fitted into the injector recess in the cylinder head and connected to the air supply, the air volume is adjusted via the tap as required.

Glow Plug Recess Cleaning Set – G11109000

The Glow Plug Recess Cleaning Set – G11109000 is a universal reamer set with thread adaptors used to clean up the glow plug shaft area and the sealing seat in the cylinder head.

Professional Complete Glow Plug And Spark Plug Thread Repair Set – G772004000.

This kit is designed to repair the glow plug and spark plug recess threads. This is a complete thread repair set for both, utilising threaded inserts (which are included) that can be fitted into the recess.

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