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Go copper-free with Bremtec brakes

Bremtec brakes

Bremtec Brakes, a world-class braking brand, now manufactures its brake pads without copper, as part of the company’s move to make it products more environmentally friendly.

“Traditionally, copper is used in the manufacturing of brake pads as it is a durable metal that dissipates heat quickly,” CoolDrive Auto Parts Brake Division Category Manager Steve Kreti said. “The faster the pads dissipate heat, the cooler they run and the better they resist fade. As a result, this improves pedal feel, stopping distance and braking safety.

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“As brake pads are used, microscopic brake dust particles enter our environment; and with copper not breaking down, it can settle in our waterways and soil, causing long-term harm.

“With this in mind, for the past few years, the team at Bremtec have been developing and trialling new formulations that still deliver the ultimate braking performance but are manufactured without copper.”

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Superior braking

Bremtec Brakes’ new copper-free brake pads will soon be launched across the range, and will be made available from CoolDrive Auto Parts.

A trusted solution for distributors, technicians, performance professionals and enthusiasts alike, Bremtec Brakes offers a complete range of aftermarket brake products, all manufactured to exceed original equipment specifications.

The Bremtec Brakes range is tested to the extreme to ensure an exceptional balance of performance, reliability, and comfort, all while remaining environmentally friendly.

With more than 4,000-part numbers covering over 21.5 million cars, including all the latest makes and models, Bremtec Brakes’ brake pad and rotor ranges offer cleaner, quieter and safer braking.

For further information on Bremtec Brakes and CoolDrive Auto Parts, please visit here

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