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Government to implement fuel efficiency standard

Fuel efficiency standard

The Federal Government has resolved to introduce fuel efficiency standards nationwide.
Having a national fuel efficiency standard will increase the variety and choice of electric vehicles (EVs) on offer to the Aussie market.

The government released its Fuel Efficiency Standard – Cleaner, Cheaper to Run Cars for Australia Consultation Paper on Wednesday morning. The paper indicated the steps the Federal Government could take to introduce a standard in Australia.
The fuel efficiency standard is primarily aimed at light vehicles, in order to make more models available at a lower cost to consumers. Heavy vehicles such as utes and 4WDS will remain largely unaffected. Federal Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Minister Catherine King said the standard would work with for the Australian vehicle market, rather than against it.

“This strategy offers an historic opportunity to develop fuel efficiency standards that learn from international best practice, while recognising the unique needs of Australians,” she said.
“It will send a strong message to the global car industry that when it comes to transport technology, Australia will no longer settle for less.”

The announcement comes after more than 100 mayors and councillors across Australia called on the Federal Government to introduce a fuel efficiency standard to boost EV numbers in their municipalities.
The Federal Government still needs to liaise with relevant stakeholders before a standard is finalised. It’s anticipated this will take a few more months.

Step in right direction: FCAI

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) had introduced its own voluntary emissions reporting scheme in 2020 due to government inaction.

“The Federal Government’s announcement … acknowledges the proposed scheme will be suited to Australia, apply all available emissions reducing technologies and ensure that Australian families and businesses are not disadvantaged in terms of choice and price,” FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said.

“The questions and topics raised in the consultation paper highlight the complexity of the issue and demonstrates the Government has done its homework to ensure any future emissions standard is not a simplistic copy of an overseas standard but instead suited to Australia.

“The FCAI and its members will work alongside the Federal, State and Territory Governments to progress the development of a fuel efficiency standard that reduces carbon emissions and encourages access to the world’s best zero and low emissions vehicle technology,”

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