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Govoni Heavy Duty Safety Coil Spring Compressor – Part #Go325

Many automotive repairers can relate horror stories about suspension coil springs.

Whether the spring fails or the tools, the consequences can be catastrophic. Govoni has the answer with one of the safest coil spring compressors on the market.

The heavy duty construction of Govoni’s pneumatic spring compressor is simple to use and has many built in safety features to ensure technicians and their co-workers are protected should anything go wrong.

This workstation is extremely stable and it can also be secured to the floor by bolts. It is rated at 2.5 tons, so it’s very powerful and suitable for SUVs, 4WDs, light commercial vehicles as well as passenger cars where full spring compression is required.

The lower bracket holders enable specialised brackets or the heavy duty vice clamping jaw for the absorber tubes to be attached to suit your particular application and the two auto levelling upper arms can accommodate different jaw sets.

The workstation is approved compliant 2006/42/CE (Machine Directive).

Strong C-Frame Safety Cage

Heavy-duty cage and frame is made of quality steel

  • Safety locking valve system – this system prevents the workstation from working if the safety cage is open
  • Steel spring loaded locking bolt on the safety cage
  • The bracket systems ensure that the spring is safely retained within the cage

Auto Levelling System

  • Ideal for working on conical, side-load and extra heavy duty springs
  • The two auto levelling upper arms simplify working on conical and misaligned springs. The automatic jaw arms pivot to compensate and hold all coil springs including left hand coils
  • Top arms and jaws are adjustable and lock to secure spring
  • The unit is exceptionally stable ensuring correct alignment of the spring
  • Quick and precise adjustment in millimeters increments using the foot pedal


Brackets System

  • Interchangeable jaws, brackets or vice to
  • suit different springs configurations
  • The front and lateral mountings have been set up to allow quick replacement of the clamps, brackets and vice
  • Bracket supporting plate has double depth positioning to increase the range of removable absorbers:

Small Bracket 78 – 130mm from Ø 78 to Ø 130 mm up to 2.5 Ton

Medium Bracket 105 – 182mm Bracket Ø 105- Ø 182 mm For rightwards spring up to 2.5 Ton

Large Bracket 125 -205mm from Ø 125 to Ø 205 mm up to 2.5 Ton

Heavy Duty Vice Clamping Jaw

  • The workstation comes standard with the vice clamp jaw
  • Fits absorber tubes Ø 40-60 mm

Upper Jaw Set For Japanese Cars

These can be purchased separately as an alternative to the standard jaws. These jaws are suitable for Toyota, Honda etc., BMW rear shock absorbers, Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee front shock absorbers.

Pneumatic Cylinder With Safety Locking Valves

  • Fitted with Extra Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinder Compression force (at 10 bar) = 2452 kg
  • 330mm stroke of the cylinder can be used on extra-long shock absorbers (e.g. commercials)
  • The drive valve can only function when the Spring Compressor is connected to the compressed air system. Maximum working pressure: 10 bar (150 psi)
  • The pneumatic cylinder is coated alloy – protecting against corrosion or oxidation

Foot-Pedal And Safety Guard With Safety Valves

The foot-pedal only works when the safety valve is closed and that is when the safety cage doors are locked closed.

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