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Govoni: The Tool Maker

by Digital Mayne Media

Govoni Tools are renowned internationally for their high-quality automotive tools.

For more than twenty years the company has been increasingly engaged on the international market, constantly competing with the most qualified European companies in the automotive field. The quality aspects of the tools have become essential to the brand’s high level of success in tool manufacture and sales internationally. Here are some of their favourite tools.

One of their new additions is the Govoni petrol injector removal slide hammer for the removal of Bosh GDI petrol injectors that allows removal without dismantling or damage to the injector. The specialized connector clips onto the injector making removal simple and easy using the slide hammer puller.

The GO532 Govoni Petrol Injector removal slide hammer is a two-part tool designed to ensure a secure hold on the injector. The slide hammer guarantees high tensile force. This kit is suitable for Opel/GM SIDI Ecotec petrol direct injection engines from 2009 and Ford GTDI 1.0L to 3.7L EcoBoost Petrol Direct injection engines from 2006.

One of their most versatile tools is the 12 Ton Mechadraulic Cylinder Set, which is a Hydraulic Press Ram with hollow-thru piston – (GO1015).

The hydraulic force is generated through the mechanical screw and operation is with the use of a spanner. These short and compact Hydraulic Grease Operated Hollow cylinder rams are used in conjunction with pullers and presses for a variety of applications including injector removal, wheel hubs and to loosen very tight mechanical components. Particularly useful in confined spaces.

The cylinder has a five different adapter sleeves as well as four bore holes to fasten the cylinder ram for many different applications.

This hollow hydraulic cylinder is just one of their large range of hydraulic rams and hand pumps.

The Govoni 3kg non-impact slide hammer is a very specialised tool as the slide hammer is filled with steel shot preventing bounce back and increasing the intensity of the impact force while being easy on the user allowing fatigue free working.

The slide hammer comes with both a universal joint threaded connector and a straight threaded connector (thread: M18x1.5) to ensure the component is securely attached to the slide hammer.

This is just one of their many specialised slide hammers ranging from the very small for glow plugs through to the larger sizes like this one.

A multi stage injector pulling kit that has been designed specifically for Nissan, Renault and Opel M9R engines which present with various signs of breakage in different parts of the injector body. It will extract broken injectors as well as release blocked or seized injector nozzles with the valve nozzle retaining nut. This kit may be the only one of its type specifically designed for these issues found in M9R engines.

This kit would have to be in our top favourites for removing Toyota – Denso Injectors. The connectors attach to the injector without removing the electrical connector.

This kit is extremely efficient with a number of suitable mounting plates that remove the injectors independently from the engine.

Govoni is committed to ongoing research, fostering innovation and anticipating future trends and needs, working on materials, using leading technology, searching always for new solutions to improve the working quality of tools for auto repairers.

Specialist Tools Australia’s focus is on tools for diesel repairers, although this is not exclusive. They stock Diesel and petrol engine automotive tooling that represent the best quality and innovation for their purpose, and are often specific to vehicle issues, tools which can be difficult to source in Australia.

Despite the ongoing issues caused by COVID-19 on the production of many items manufactured in Italy – Specialist Tools Australia has just received new stock from Govoni to their Canberra warehouse.

If you are interested in purchasing top quality robust tools you can find more at www.specialisttools.com.au or phone the team at Specialist Tools Australia to discuss your issues or requirements and they can advise on the best tools for the job and how to use them – Ph. (02) 6280 4334 (Canberra).

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