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Govoni Tools from Responsive Engineering

Govini Tools

Specialist Tools Australia’s Canberra warehouse stocks high-quality specialised tools often not readily available in Australia. The tools are trialled and tested by local affiliated technicians and they’re available for immediate despatch. Specialist Tools Australia encourages technicians to call when looking for a specialised tool for a specific repair.

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Specialised Tools Australia’s premium brand is Govoni Tools, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and designers, with 40 years of experience in supporting vehicle manufacturers and trade repairers with innovative, top-quality and safety-based tools for the repair of modern vehicles.

Spring in its step

The GOVONI 2.5 Ton EXTRA HEAVY DUTY PNEUMATIC SAFETY COIL SPRING COMPRESSOR is one of the safest coil-spring compressors on the market. It’s simple to use, has a solid and well-finished construction and has many built-in safety features. It comes with a number of brackets for different spring configurations and an absorber-tube bracket, and is rated at 2.5 tons, so it’s suitable for SUVs, 4WDs, light-commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

The right (specialist) tools for the job

Specialist Tools Australia specialises in tools for the repair of diesel vehicles found in the Australian market. Tools are robust, well-finished, functional, and will last as a go-to tool for many years.
Whether diagnosing running issues, extracting injectors or glow plugs, cleaning and repairing recesses, removing components or setting timing, Specialist Tools Australia has the right tools.
Specialist Tools Australia, as part of the Responsive Engineering group, is an Australian-owned family company that has also developed and patented a number of products to protect the diesel fuel system – specifically for the Australian market.

These products include: the Diesel Water Watch units which will detect water in diesel fuel before it can reach or damage components in the diesel fuel system; Responsive fuel additive which provides lubrication to the diesel fuel system that low-sulphur fuels strip from these components; and the Diesel Fill that prevents mis-fuelling.

Find Specialist Tools Australia’s quality products on the website specialisttools.com.au. For assistance or technical support phone 02-62804334 or email sales@responsiveengineering.com.au.

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