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Great Conclusion Of 2019 For Capricorn

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2019 Capricorn Gala Dinner & Tradeshow events bigger and better than ever.

Australasia’s largest automotive cooperative, Capricorn, has concluded its annual Gala Dinner and Tradeshow events across Australia and New Zealand from September to November 2019.

Always a social calendar highlight, 2019’s events were held in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and in Auckland, New Zealand. All events were well received, with almost 5,000 Capricorn Members, Preferred Suppliers and guests taking part.

While the focus of each Capricorn Gala Dinner is to connect Members and Preferred Suppliers who are part of the Capricorn network, the events also provide a well-earned, end of year celebration with food, music and lots of fun for all who attend. The tradeshows also provide Capricorn Members with access to the latest offerings from Capricorn Preferred Suppliers with special offers to take advantage of on the night.

Hundreds of Capricorn Preferred Suppliers took part, with highly impressive tradeshow stands, display cars and interactive activities that kept the emphasis on enjoyment as well as business.

Attendees were given a sneak peek into Capricorn’s future plans for the cooperative to return even greater value to both Members and Preferred Suppliers, further strengthening their businesses in 2020 and beyond.

On the entertainment side, the Capricorn Gala Dinners did not disappoint with the hilarious Lawrence Mooney ensuring total hysterics with his stand-up show across Australia, while in New Zealand, outstanding ventriloquist comedian Darren Carr was a major highlight. Live music at each of the Capricorn Gala Dinner ensured a great time was had into the evening.

“It has been a real pleasure to catch up with so many Capricorn Members and Preferred Suppliers throughout Australia and New Zealand, to hear more about their businesses and how Capricorn is supporting their continued growth,” stated Capricorn Group Chief Executive Officer, David Fraser.

“The events themselves are a great opportunity for workshops, suppliers and all others involved in the automotive repair industry to come together and make lasting connections. The fact that it’s a great night out with outstanding food and entertainment doesn’t hurt either,” Mr. Fraser added.

For more information visit www.Capricorn.coop

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