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Backed up by an extensive knowledge of its products since its beginnings, Interequip brings to Australia the best value for money hoists available in the international market.

It’s a pretty universally understood concept that people can make or break a business. Attitude, work ethic, shared responsibility and possibly the most important thing would be experience and product knowledge. That fuzzy intangible is hard to measure but its effect can shoot a business to success or doom it to becoming a dismal failure. Interequip was started by a guy who had worked in Korea for a Korean hoist manufacturer as a design engineer. He then went to work in China for one of the world’s largest hoist manufacturers in a similar role before returning to Australia to start Interequip. Alex Visser understands hoists.

“There’s so much more to importing and standing behind a hoist brand than simply seeing a product on a stand at a show and bringing some in. I ensure all our hoists are sourced from only the most reputable factories and that everyone complies fully with Australian Standards. I’ve seen first-hand how critical a large spare parts holding is and how it can make or break a company.”

Interequip are the sole Australian agent for Powerrex hoists. Made in Korea it is arguably one of the best value for money and reliable hoists in the Australian market. “We import hoists from over five different manufacturers, from the same factories as some franchised tool manufacturers and from the same factories some ex Australian manufacturers now have their hoists made,” says Alex. “There’s a clear difference in the quality of Powerrex, however we know that not everyone has the budget to buy the very best. That’s why we source from many other well-known international factories.

Interequip imports hoists of different brands for different budgets. The only thing in common is that they all come from factories with great design and superb quality. Interequip keeps parts and technician for after-sales service, so that you can have peace of mind.

Contact Interequip on 18000 EQUIP for any hoist enquiries and other equipment as well (diagnostic, wheel service equipment, brake lathe, press, oil drainers, AC service and much more).

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